Possible Cathay Pacific Structural Change

That’s not exactly what I said…

Cathay Dragon is rumoured to transfer all their A330s to the mainline Cathay Pacific fleet, leaving A320s and A321 in their fleet and A321NEOs on order for them.

Hong Kong Express is rumoured to rebrand as Cathay Express.

Yeah I am talking about this statement…

About the naming thing, Cathay Express is a bit…weird, but everyone said so when they renamed Dragonair into Cathay Dragon, but people are used to it now🤔

Ah alright.

This was my response to @Altaria55.

Ah I see, purple belongs to HK Express…you are absolutely right. In my opinion you can’t really determine on whether the livery (CX Express) is good or not when its not really painted on a plane yet and plus its one’s view. But I guess people will get used to it, like some people think the new AC livery is weird and ugly, but I feel it pretty good lol.

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It is definitely a major improvement to the “toothpaste” livery in my opinion.

Anyway, CX most likely won’t have a structural change - although it would be a good idea to do so.

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An update to this:

China’s aviation regulator may make it difficult for Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Airways to merge regional arm Cathay Dragon into its main brand because of infractions during last year’s pro-democracy protests, two sources said.

A meeting will take place at around June 10 so we should hear more info by then.

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Oh well, all the best I guess.

It’s always the same, isn’t it?

A little sort of “update” on this matter.

That’s not a bad thing at all :)

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Not a merger, but the Hong Kong government is giving Cathay Pacific a $30 billion HKD bailout while taking a stake Cathay.

Would you by any chance know how big the stake is?


I mean, having Air China out of the picture (theoretically speaking) is relieving.

Still is sad to see how Swire is losing its stakes :(

Better than seeing CX plunge into nothing. I’d say they were saved BIG time.

True, and as I said earlier:

Anyway, that stake from the HK government, I’m guessing it will be transferred to the Chinese (China) government by or earlier (based on all the twisting and turning that is happening) than 2047?

👀 😅

But most likely not for long, that day is soon to come, whether we like it or not. Has been happening loads already if you are updated by the news on these new…


Oh no… The Aussies and westerners are slowly disappearing from Cathay during this restructuring process 😓

I am from HK and I think they are fake news. The government just boosted money for Cathay group. :)

It’s from the SCMP, and I saw it somewhere on the Apple Daily too.

I don’t think it is fake news, and I 100% believe that this could/is happening.

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SCMP always get the news at first point, idk why…(you can imagine)😂
Apple Daily often publish fake news
That’s why I always use Stand News (if you know)

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