Possible bug

I was just on approach at EGCC and was told to contact tower but on my screen there was no tower frequency. I left the flight on final because I didn’t want to get ghosted. Anyone else had this?

Did you try to manually tune in from the map?

Yes and only ground was available

Yep, it’s a common issue. Tuning in from the map is the typical solution.

Not sure what solution is however, you can continue your approach and landing and ATC won’t ghost you shall you not interfere. You can change your callsign to “NORDO” so ATC can know you got no radio.


Okay never knew that.

Sometimes, turning on airplane mode for 30 seconds and then reconnecting to WiFi helps. Obviously, be aware of all traffic at all times, but if you’re in the clear for 30 seconds, it might be worth your while to try this.

The callsign thing is often said on here, but that isn’t policy or anything. It shouldn’t be required, no one consciously tries not to tune into Tower, and there’s nothing preventing non-NORDO pilots from just changing it to such because they feel like it.

The more important question is why are you manually changing and searching when you can simply hold down the headset for a second and it will automatically take you to the frequency?


you can simply hold down the headset for a second and it will automatically take you to the frequency

Wait…whaaat! Is this in a tutorial?

Mind. Blown.

Hmm, I didn’t think about that. I don’t believe so, because it was introduced after the tutorial was created. (I want to say it came with Global, but my memory may be hazy there.)

Didn’t think about it not being there. Maybe it’s time for an overhaul of the tutorials. Probably some people here who see the terrain on the map and are wondering what in the world it is. :)

Whew…I was all over the flight tutorials and came up empty.

This lil’ tidbit made my day.

Thank You!


This has happened for me quite a bit lately too. From what I can deduce, the issue comes about during flight planning before you pushback. If you leave IF to go do something like set up IFA or once you are in cruise and go turn your screen down or turn off sound etc and then go back to IF to continue your flight etc. Once you get close to the airport, ATIS and tower disappear and you only see ground (as the OP also experienced).

The work-around I found is to go to airplane mode for 30 sec and then come back online. All services are then restored. I make sure to triple check I have all ATC around 80nm out and if I don’t see them all, I do this to get them back.

Know issue 😉

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