Possible bug with the CRJ-900

Whenever the speed gets up to takeoff speed it veers to the right. I’ve done everything I could to try and stabilize it. Is there a fix or is this a real bug with the aircraft?

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Are there any crosswinds present?

What are the winds like?

The CRJ is not your average plane, they require a lot of skill to take off and land, you will need to put the rudder one way and turn the opposite way.


I have tried flying at multiple airports in Global and I have flown in Solo mode. Everywhere I fly it veers to the right.

I am able to fly the 700 without problem. I had no problem on my first takeoff except for vertical takeoff.

May I suggest looking at tutorials to see how to fly the other CRJ-700 Variant in the meantime before Mark uploads the new one for the -900. I myself have difficulty flying it so I think you just need practice.

Just wait for marks tutorial then for this variant and see.

I will try and watch tutorials. If I have anymore problems with it I will come back here.

With the new update some people uninstall and re-install. Make sure auto-coordination is turned off, 50-60% trim, and apply gentle rudder for the wind. When I take off I usually end up swiping the rudder over and over instead of holding it. I seem to have better control that way.

It just takes practice. With every plane comes a slight learning curve.

We will keep our eye out but it was pretty extensively tested in beta.


so thats what LASVEGAS was all along. i remember spying down on him from the control tower and wondering what marvel was soon to be bestowed on us by FDS. :)

I normally have these issues (veering to the right during takeoff) when having HDG enabled on the runway. Make sure to not have that on if that is what you are doing. :)

I tried it without Heading enabled and I held the tablet as still as I could and it keeps veering. I’m getting home in a few minutes and I will try out the wind theory.

The CRJ 700 does that but to the left for me sometimes, Even if there is a 7 knot wind (that in my last case) it will do it as it is a very tiny plane and it is perfectly normal just apply very little rudder to the opposite direction.

Your explanation was correct. I tried it on solo and did what you said and it didn’t veer.

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