Possible bug with new iPad

Just got the newest iPad from Apple and the increments get cut off on the screen. Hopefully there’s a fix for this soon as it’s a bit hard to set those settings without seeing them. Picture for reference.



This is most likely caused by the very reason that Infinite Flight doesn’t recognize the device as it’s very new and therefore can’t set the appropriate screen resolution.

If the developers are able to get their hands on one, I’m positive it will be fixed.


I figured it would be too, just wanted to make you all aware in case it wasn’t known yet. Thanks everyone for the hard work!

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What ipad do you have

The one they just released. Actually think it’s just called “iPad’. It’s the new 9.7” one.

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We can see this “problem” on the 2017 iPads too. (look at the screenshots)

As Mr. Santa said, just wait until the devs fix it. :)

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Yeah, that’s basically the same. They’re detected as “Unknown”. Only weird thing there is that is seems to be model/market specific. Some 12,9’s work fine.

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That is strange because I have that one too
My ipad is the same as yours I just got it in december I would ask the developers to check it out because that device is IF supported
My ipad is:
Ipad 2017
9.7 inch
32gb memory
IOS 11
It should have no problem with the screen resolution

That’s not the same iPad. Apple released a new one just a few weeks ago.

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It must a newer model of my ipad it looks really similar to mine

It is the newer model of your iPad. IF sees it as unknown.

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This might be slightly off-topic but i can say that my 12.9 Inch iPad 2017 model works perfectly fine. Ever since that day bought it I’ve had no problem whatsoever…

I would say that if the sim works with the new iPad, then you should be fine. A little bit off the screen shouldn’t affect your flying experience.

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I have the new iPad aswell I never noticed this issues. But I mostly use it for controlling. But it’s not a big deal cause you can still see the number that your setting it to.

My 2017 IPad Pro has no such issues. It’s an isolated problem as Seb said.

I am experiencing the same problems with my iPad 2018 version I bought yesterday. Hopefully this can be sorted soon as it can be difficult to set the different parameters. I have also found that the zoom function for the small radar is on the other side making it difficult to adjust.