Possible bug when changing fpl in flight

Sometimes i need to change flight plan if arriving runways changes , i notice the distance to destination and rwy ils distance off

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don’t think you understood issue

Could you explain in more detail then please as I’m having difficulty understanding the issue :)

if you look at distance to destination it says 50.8 nm yet rwy says 16nm I think is because I changed sequence of
airport in my fight plant. it was still the last entry but I had to change fixes in the middle of fpl

Is that the correct runway? 27R?

yes it is. see airport to the right katl

And where did the final waypoint end? Was it the airport?

The distance for the ILS takes you just to the runway, the Distance to destination unless it ends at the threshold will always be more NM.

yes sir it was airport katl

it will be more or less but not 20nm plus off

Yeah that’s what I’m thinking. Maybe @schyllberg can assist

Your flight plan is probably longer than direct to the runway?


The distance to destination follows the flight plan, the ILS distance is a straight shot. That’s your issue.


Without a picture of the flight plan idk what you want us to help you with. You’re 16 NM from the threshold in the pic but are not established on the inbound course. Who knows where your flight plan is filed from there.


at that moment I was getting ready for final. 16nm from rwy and fix after that was katl

Without seeing your FPL compared to where you were, it will be pretty much impossible to determine what’s up as Brandon said i’m afraid.

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agree. pease close this topic

Said & done.