Possible Bug - Sorry STONE85

Or was it STONE86 - anyways I was controlling at KSAN and for whatever reason STONE86(5) plane was white instead of blue like everyone else. He requested multiple times to take off and patiently waited behind the hold short line for me to clear him. Unfortunately his plane wasn’t on my strip and when I would select the plane no options would come up. I was able to land and clear multiple other planes at the same time.

I don’t know if this is a bug or not but I want to say thank you for being patient to STONE and I’m sorry. I would have cleared you but I didn’t have an option to. I decided to just end being a controller and hope that he was able to take off without issue using the Unicom. I’ve never had that happen before though.

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This is a known issue. It happens from time to time on the expert server too. Sometimes clicking on it will bring it back but others we just let them do what they need to do. In some extreme cases we have to ghost them but we get it reversed immediately after since it was not the user’s fault.

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This is a feature of the game… you swipe the airplane flight info bar to the right and it clears the bar and the plane appears white. This is for when you give an airplane a frequency change and they don’t change right away you just swipe to the right, their bar disappears and clears up space. Only reason for this is a controller swiping the bar to the right, no bug here…

This is a feature Tyler made a tutorial on it…

Please don’t falsely accuse me of not knowing what I’m talking about without doing your research, thanks

You aren’t right, if you would read completely what @Jacob_Morris said, you would have seen this before:

The planes you removed from your flight stripe manually becomes white, but you can always communicate with them again by pressing on their white icon.

@Jacob_Morris had an issue which @Chris_S explained above:

So in the future please avoid being so aggressive like you did to @Furtive_masstwofourf when he was right. Why can’t you accept the fact that there is maybe another explanation or solution? Your answer can’t be always correct, sometimes we make errors, it’s normal. What isn’t normal is your aggressive response to @Furtive_masstwofourf. Feel free to continue in PM if needed. Thanks :)

I decided to test your claim and have debunked it, the feature works fine. If there was a real problem this would be in #support… Also how were my statements “aggressive”? If anything they were defensive. Sure am glad you have done your research before accusing me of not knowing what I am talking about even though I’m right. In the future please refrain from making posts that take away from the topic by making false claims about other users. Thanks!

MaxSez: Fight nice in public people! This appears to be a TR Server Controller knowledge issue? If so is there an IFATC Trainer or Supervisor for these Fledglings available on call by PM (rather than Forum clutter) and identified to respond to these type training questions. (The apology was a polite gesture, there is a larger issue hear.)
The folks commenting here are certainly not singing from the same sheet of music and bogus opinions abound! (Info: @Joe)

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Known bug it happens from time to time. IFATC have been taught to work around them. If you can still communicate great if not just work around and move on.


Didn’t mean to make a thread that caused a fight - I just wanted to apologize to the pilot who was being super patient and see if anyone else had the same bug as me and if not alert the developers. I tried numerous times to communicate with the plane by selecting it (I never use the flight stripe when I do ATC, I always just select the plane on the map) and nothing was coming up. I was also doing ground at the same time as tower and I even had the pilot switch frequencies and then go back to tower but it still was white and when I tapped on the plane on the map no options would come up.

Again if this is a known issue then I will work around it - my main objective was to hopefully let the pilot know that I was sorry I didn’t clear him and explain why I didn’t do it.


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