(Possible Bug) 787 APPR won't activate.

So I’m landing a 787, have the ILS beacon attached, I activate APPR &… Autopilot goes off & im plunged into flying manually. Please help.

Is your aircraft to heavy

Or to fast?

No, I didn’t mess with the weight & was able to take off.

Did any message show up when you hit the APPR button

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I just retested it & it way overweight.


Reduce your weight

i had the same problem its not really a problem just the default weight it comes with is too heavy

Remember the 787 is designed as a medium to long-haul.

To simulate a realistic take off climb rate, speed, N1%, you’ll need to make the overall weight quite heavy.

To land, you’ll need to manually reduce the weight (by reducing the fuel amount drastically) to get below the Maximum Landing weight.

Without fuel burn, and the current small regions, realistically youll need to manually change the weights between each takeoff and landing…

Set the weight to light and try again. I believe the pre weighted 787 is above MLW.

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