Possible ATC commands

I inserted a “new command ideas” recap field so it is easier for you to see what is suggested :)

Feel free to ask me some questions if you need details of some scenarios or want to propose something else, why not :p


One issue with this: You’d have to request this during taxi for it to be useful, but at that point you are on ground

By this I mean that most pilots when they are on the last taxiway that heads to the runway, already switch to tower. By switching, they could already ask the controller for an intersection departure.

Hey all ! I have updated my post to commands that seem more important.

The modification includes:

  • Remove the idea of: startup is approved (not very important)
  • Put more importance in the possibility that the controller could use simple vectoring commands, especially when approach is not present and the line up behind aircraft command (which becomes useful when traffic is heavy).

The command recap up to date is:

  1. Cleared for takeoff runway xx from next/desired intersection ”.
  2. Line up runway xx behind next landing aircraft ”.
  3. Possibility of vectoring instructions for the tower controller (to use moderately).

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