Possible Account Hacking

Recently, when flying on live, Advanced Server, I have lost connections, and after a minute of what Infinite Flight reports to be searching for a new connection, it turns from orange to red. After turning to red, a message pops up reporting that someone is already flying with this account. With past experience, the person kicked when two devices signed in with the same account try to fly on Live mode, the first person to join the server is kicked by the second. Although I do not have photo evidence, this did happen, and after pushing back, taxing, taking off, and making it to the air. Both incidents occurred in a A318, First in a ACJ Livery 2, second was in British Airways livery. Region of the second incident was in London, first is unknown, but possibly Hawaii. Device in both cases was an iPad 4, running iOS 9.1.1 the first time, and iOS 9.2.1 the second time. Version 15.11.0. No account details have been publicly shared at any time since the release of Live


Hope your issue gets solved, but if you do change your password to your email, there is a risk that your in game purchases will be gone. (not sure if thats been patched)

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Thanks Natzoo. I was hoping to find out what to do because of the issue, because of that problem, and possibly if someone at FDS would possibly be able to look up my account info and sign in, and get the other person taken care of, or the bug solved!

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I hope you get it solved and can be back flying in no time.

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Thanks. I am still able to fly, but there’s always the chance that I can be kicked off the server at any time

Well I hope you get flying without worry before christmas.


I saw this happen myself, when you were at Portland earlier (I was ATC) you randomly disappeared while taxiing. Good luck with this

The was not the reason why I left Portland, but thanks for everyone’s support!

I’ve experienced this before (reported that someone is flying with my account). I immediately changed my google password and the problem solved.

Thanks for your help Steven. I don’t know how that will work with Facebook though

Might be the problem of your FB Tish…