Possible A380F

My friend is on a apprenticeship at airbus and sent me this picture today asking me to make it clear it excisted as if he posted it he may be found out and kicked out of Airbus. I think it looks like a A380F what do you think.

I have put the other picture on a Dropbox file.
Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gnpmbk76wpokeev/Image%204.jpg?dl=0

Seriously was this needed? I didn’t even fall for it, cargo planes don’t tend to have aft passengers doors.


Or stencils for the windows on the fuselage.

Really! Those doors gave it away then i come back later and see APRIL FOOLS! Nobody believed it!

It’s just an normal A380 in his early stage. (;

That’s super evil you know that??!😡. Lol

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When you are out of ideas in making an April fools prank 😂

As others have mentioned, it’s hard to believe that those are A380Fs from the design. And Airbus would have made an announcement if it’s real so yeah (Even though it could be a prank if they told us in April 1)


Wait. I’m looking for my laughter. Just one more second! Ha… Nope. I think it disappeared right after I saw the A390 joke.

Come one… Where are the good April Fools jokes? Like the one we had two years ago with the first spoiler of Global? Or like something that’s actually thought through?

Like today in 2018, you open the newspaper, read something and always hope that this got to be a joke! And on the one single day where you expect jokes… It’s boring! Like if someone actually would discover a green bear or create a freighter version of a doomed plane.

Yes Sorry, I’m trying to stop being dark, twisty and miserable. But April 1st makes it really tough! Like every other day. I’m going to order a Pizza now. Have a nice one!