Possible 737 Pitch Issues

Hi guys. I was just coming into land at Atlanta and when I disengaged the autopilot, the plane pitched down and then dramatically pitched up causing a stall and crashing. The aircraft was calibrated. I just tested another approach into Atlanta, and the same thing happened. Any ideas?

Well, a reply would be suitable in this kind of situation… But the 737 has one of the better APPR… Or did you just forget your flaps?

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Sounds like a MAX 8 to me.
Remember to always calibrate before you disengage autopilot as well. Trim too.

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Flaps were extended to 30 degrees.

Did you have the control sensitivity set to high and start over correcting yourself?

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Were at all able to control the aircraft during the issue?

The aircraft was all set for landing. Calibrated and everything, that’s why I don’t understand what happened

I was not.

What was your speed?

I checked. My computer was shut down and the controls were all configured in their default positions. So it was not hooked up to my yoke or anything.

137 knots.

My sensitivity was as it normally was. Never had a problem like this before.

Probably the game is broken

Did you use trim?

It sure seemed like it.

Then we’ll never figure it out without a replay… Post it on a YT account copy the link and post it in the thread so people can investigate

I was also having a problem were the brakes wouldn’t disengage. Not sure if that was related though.

Ok. Will do

You were going too slow and too inconsistent in your speed. Try to hold the speed at 140-130 kts.

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