Possibility to take over Flight from a second Device

Today I experienced a situation where this feature would have been very handy.

I started a flight on my iPad, set the flight plan and left the house (it was on Casual Server, so there was no need for me to be present at the device for the entire flight). While was away, I monitored my flight on the Live Flight App and I suddenly noticed that my plane started to fly only circles after a while because there was a problem with my flight plan. To solve it I would have needed to deactivate NAV and set the heading by myself. As my device was at another location, this wasn’t possible. So here my suggestion.

It should be possible to take over an active flight using the same user account from another device.

How it works
You have an active flight on Device 1. Now, when you open the Infinite Flight on Device 2 using the same account, a message shows up that there already is an active flight and it gives you the possibility to take it over. You click on “Play” and your in the flight you started on the other device.

This would also be handy for example if the device you started your flight on originally has a malfunction and you don’t want to end your 12h long-haul trip after 5 hours.

What do you think about it?

Happy landings,

I like the idea!

You got my vote already in the title!

I may be wrong, but aren’t you not allowed to have an account on two devices at the same time because FDS doesn’t want subscriptions be abused/glitched and lose money?

Also, in my opinion I think that you should only plan and execute flights if you will be able to land and successfully control the plane. Not saying you should be active control the whole time, but I think you should be close by your device just in case an emergency (like AP coming off) happens. But im not sure because personally, I only fly if I know for certain I will have the device and the time to completely finish the route in hand. Thank you for hearing me out.


I agree with and like that idea but as @bookers4eva mentioned, I don’t see how the accounts and subcription would go. I think this idea will take a lot of work and I don’t think FDS will do this anytime soon, if ever sorry.

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I’d agree with that too but some may not be able to say carry their iPad out and about, for example. You could say that some may monitor their flight closer at all times and be able to go about their day, if they were able to take it on the go and switch between devices. I like the idea.

Even for those not on the go, what if your battery is low on device and you need to switch devices to continue your flight. Lots of scenarios where this could be a cool feature to have.


Maybe a feature like another app that you can use a/p basic controls on

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This deserves a lot more votes!

The alternative is someone make stand alone app where you can edit your flight plan over internet. That means you need to access IFconnect over internet. I don’t think subscriptions would be issue when you just modify flight plan. IF could implement it with social accounts you already linked in