Possibility to mark the active runway

Voted, I would love this!


I also voted. This would be great to have.


This definitely has my vote!


Uhhhh, I don’t recall asking…

In all seriousness though, I think this is a wonderful Idea! I’d vote if I had a vote left!


I think it would also be cool to mark the runways for landings and takeoffs. Got my vote!

If not this something simular has to be implented. You got my vote.

Are you asking to change the red/green, or some other way to mark it?

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Man, there are so many profitable feature requests lately! If only I had more votes… ;)

Well made topic! I voted!

I love the topic a lot! Myself, being a controller when i’m not flying love the concept!

Voted cause it is pretty anoying when tower says to takeoff from the another end of the runway that you have planed

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Exactly, happened to me earlier today, I told someone to takeoff on one runway and they went to a completely different one. This would help with that tremendously!

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But is it so hard to look at the winds and/or where the other planes are going?

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No, not really, but, there are always some people who will disobey that. This will help some, I don’t see a negative to adding this.

During pushback the controller already gives a runway. Even if the runway was flashing or had it in the info which was using people would still not plan. I see your point but I dont know how much it would really help people for planning purposes.

It’s not. But look at LAX. You have 4 runways aligned in the same direction. That means that you have 4 runways with the same wind. If the controller could choose the active runway here, that would be extremely helpful. Especially when there is no ground controller around.

My idea isn’t just to change the runway colors. I hope I’ll be able to add a visual of my idea to this topic soon so you can see what I mean.

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But what do you mean by active? 24L and 24R are both open for the controller to use as they see fit. You shouldn’t be in the middle of the terminal and plan to take off from 24R. You go where the controller tells you to go? When I spawn I look around and see where the controller is sending other planes. Chances are the controller will send you to the closest runway within reason. Most of the time the inner ones are departure and outer ones are arrival. If someone spawns to the south of 25L, I’m not going to make them cross to take off on 25R. I just find a slot in the arrivals to get them out.

I’m struggling to understand the pilot problem you are attempting to solve with the feature.

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@Chris_S It’s not only about ground.

Let’s make another example:

You are flying into KJFK. According to the wind, 31L/R and 4L/R are all available. If the controller is able to mark 31R as active for landings the pilots could see that before they get in touch with Tower. They can fly directly to that runway instead of flying into 4L first. It also helps the Approach controller. He can guide the planes towards the runway the Tower prefers to use

All other situations can easily be adjusted for by watching traffic flow for the last 100 miles. If that isnt enough, I don’t know what to say.

I mean, I can tell you what runway my commercial flight is going to land on in real life, and I’m not even on the flight deck.

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