Possibility to divert

Hello !
So as you know there was a storm (Ciara) over Europe and then I thought about all those diverting planes. So this is not a feature request, it’s only a place to discuss it
What if the weather conditions are really bad and you have already done 2 or 3 go arounds ? Tell the tower request flight following to __ ? That‘s a bit confusing in my eyes …
So it would be much better to have the possibility to say: “__, request diverting to __”
And I know that it‘s possible to land most of the time but what if not ?
Tell me your opinion and I maybe think about creating a new feature request 🙂
(I know that there are some but they‘re old)

You cannot request flight following with tower. Request a departure to the X and you should be good. If approach is online, I’m no approach expert but changing your FPL then checking in or requesting flight following should be fine.

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  1. I know
  2. but flight following is not a really good way to tell the approach to divert in my eyes. Additionally it‘s not much to develop.

It‘s just an option to make flying on ES more realistic 🙂

There are a number of feature requests already regarding diverting aircraft. Both from pilot and ATC side.

If you are talking to tower theres no way to request approach at a different airport. If you are going around simply ask for departure to the xxx and head to the other airport.

If you are talking to approach, like mentioned above change your FPL and request FF or Vectors if the airport is within the service area.


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