Possibility of reopening the Concorde Feature Request Thread?

We are coming up on 5 years since the feature request was closed.

Wondering what the Devs outlook on this would be now 5 years later and if they have the ability to tackle this aircraft.

i dont see the plane coming soon its alot of work and flight model engine sounds if they start it will take a very long time

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Probably about the same as 5 years ago.


Not sure if they’re still thinking about it or if it’s gonna be a thing down the road. But, gotta say, having the Concorde in Infinite Flight would be pretty awesome, right? I mean, sure, there’d be a bunch of hoops to jump through, like dealing with flight rules and stuff.


I guess it makes sense that their focus is still improving core mechanics over adding unique and challenging aircraft


they could use fighter jet sounds for the engines


I’d love to see Concorde so much.
What I’ve heard is that recreating Concorde at the moment unfortunately is too complex and impossible to get to the same level as recently released aircraft.
We can still dream and hope though.


Or, they first create the concorde with the basic live cockpit, minus all the doodads, then they slowly add everything needed?

That way the aircraft won’t meet recent standards and although some people might appreciate that, others won’t.
Either way the app will be judged on the overall quality.


I would like to see the Concorde soon but unfortunately it won’t be released soon
Just wait a few years

I would love to see the Concorde one day - at the moment though its probably not feasible to add all the bells and whistles that we’ve come to expect.