Possibility of merging London, Paris and readding Amsterdam to make a single region?

Not a feature request, just the question of the title.

Would it be possible to merge London, Paris and re-add the Netherlands to make that a single, big region?
As most of you know, London and Paris by themselves are useless (unless you use GA planes) because they lack commercial routes. Amsterdam was better because it had EHAM-EBBR, and some airports of Wetern Germany.

The basic idea would be to have the same treatment the region of California got, a merger which gave us a single, big region with plenty of routes to choose from.

Would love to hear the community’s opinion on this. Would also appreciate to read the opinions of a mod on this.


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i like the idea but i dont think IF is this generous 😂

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I’ve moved this to #features as this is still technically a feature request :)


They gave us the Alps and extended Australia, so they’re quite generous.

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Truth be told, that’s the point. Infinite Flight isn’t going to give non-Pro subscribers access to Pro features—that’s an awful business motto.

Well, yeah, they needed a way to grasp prospective users. A full flight in this region is more or less all you need to decide if you want to purchase a subscription.

That said, I can play devil’s advocate. If I look at this from a user perspective rather than a business standpoint, the more larger regions, the better.

TL;DR: Unfortunately, when running a business, there needs to be a happy medium. Offering an expansive region, such as California, is how Infinite Flight intends to reach said medium.

It’s not about generosity. It’s about making a profit.

Sorry to shoot you down, @Sturmovik. I just don’t think this is a feasible proposal. I hope I’m wrong, though.

However, I like where your thoughts are at!

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Then those regios may as well disappear. Why have regions which don’t have routes in them in the first place?

They could get even more customers by merging those regions. IF’s main focus are Europe and North America, so it would be a good choice to expand the main hubs in the existing areas.

I believe this may be what @Z-Tube was mentioning above. Infinite Flight is a business and the largest portions of their customers are from North America and Europe. Having these regions, as large regions with plenty of routes to fly from the get go, without having to pay for a subscription would not result in the same level of pro subscriptions therefore profit for Infinite Flight.

In my opinion, I believe the regions are currently set up so you can get a sufficient taste (sort of like an entrée) before the main course. I believe it provides a sufficient sample, so the customer can make their decision on whether they believe a pro subscription would be a worthy investment.


It would still be very limited regarding the choice of liveries and aircraft to use (BA, easyJet, KLM and Ryanair). Routes would also be limited between London/Amsterdam/Paris. It wouldn’t substract much money from IF in my opinion.

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Whilst I certainly see your point, imagine a customer from the UK for example. When they first stumble upon Infinite Flight, they are more than likely initially interested in Ryanair, EasyJet, British Airways as the liveries they would like to fly.

If these liveries where all offered for free straight after downloading the game, then there wouldn’t be any initial incentive for the user to purchase pro, to access these liveries. But if the user had to purchase pro to access say the EasyJet and British Airways liveries, then this would urge them to complete the purchase, therefore increasing profits for Infinite Flight as a company.


Its a flight simulator (ie software that simulates the movement of aircraft through the skies and on the ground).

Its not an airline operations simulator (although I get the feeling this is how a sizable majority of users see it).

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Yeah, remember that many - uspecially new - users don’t really care about the routes, and what livery/aircraft type is realistic on that route. Many would be more than happy flying an Emirates A380 around London with no real intention of landing at a particular place. If they do want to do that, they can go to California, see if they like it, and then purchase a subscription because it would be valuable to them. If they region was big enough, they wouldn’t have to buy a subscription until they wanted more, which might not ever happen, or at least happen after a few months.

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