Possibility Of East Midlands Airport (EGNX) For a 3D Makeover?

Seeing As East Midlands Airport in the real world is growing and growing in capacity and aircraft activity of the years and being the busiest UK domestic freight HUB who also believes that it is time for East Midlands Airport (EGNX) to be added to the list of 3D airport in Infinite Flight. As someone who works there and sees hand to hand the activity of all the aircraft activity overnight just shows how much potential this airport has in infinite flight to become a great HUB for pilots to fly in and out off. Just thought I’d see if others have the same opinion. Thanks guys

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Most (I mean 99%) of IFAET members do NOT take requests for 3D airports. Your best option would be to join the editing team and edit EGNX yourself.

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I think its on @NemAir 's list 🤫


I thought someone was doing it!


Thank you for the suggestion. At the moment, the editing team do not officially take requests, however, the ultimate goal is to have all airports included in 3D. You may also submit an application to join the editing team and edit those airport(s) you would like to see, if someone hasn’t got to them already!