Possibility of a rotor wing aircraft

What would the possibility of the developers creating rotor wing helicopters for the game?

The devs are capable of doing many things but nothing has been confirmed on helicopters. Keep an eye on the #announcements category for more features being confirmed and or added!

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Vote here if you want helicopters to be added to the game.

I would say they should only add helicopters to Expert Server. Training Server with helicopters would be a mess.

You can’t make planes only available to certain servers or people. One, it’s not worth the money if you cannot access it, and two, it’s not possible (limiting to certain things and programming just for one thing.)

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Unfortunately I think you’ll be years before infinite flight puts helicopters to the game they said in the past there’s no market for it but we shall see

Remember, this is a flight sim not an airplane sim. You never know, and other flight sims have done it!

This article below is what I’ve found somewhere not long ago. Might worth reading it as it has some information from a reliable source, who can be no-one else, but @jasonrosewell!

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