Possibilities with Infinite Flight

Here’s a thread that focuses on realistic expectations with the game , let’s hear each other’s views on what’s possible and what’s not !


Well, it’s about time we get some cockpit lights for most aircraft, lit instruments, dynamic weather options and lights for taxiing. Has anyone noticed that Navigation light and strobe lights illuminate The ground but landing lights don’t? Food for thought.


As much as I think the lighting issue can be fixed , I still doubt cockpit animations are possible when you take the region size , live features and lack of gpu, cpu and storage size when it comes to devices used by the average gamer on this platform . It’s probably the same reason global flight isn’t possible right now . Even if it were possible I can imagine the pixel to noise ratio due to compression and other glitches . Games that own such features need high end cpus, gpus and require at least 8 gb ram at 10 gb storage minimum . Not to mention IF canot be an open source even if it wanted to given the limitations on android and iOS purchase and install platform .


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Finally, someone realistic on what we can and can’t do yet. Still… In 5 years?


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Maybe in 5 years if the standard of mobile devices on the baseline contains a quad core cpu , 3 gb of g ram and 128 gb of storage , screen resolution of 1080p and better 3D architecture all while maintaining a stable temperature . If all these conditions are met then why not . Right now even laptops are having difficulties in this department . With desktops this issue is solved with water cooling heatsyncs .now that’s difficult to implement in a mobile device be it a tablet , phone or laptop . Even if all this was possible the question of battery life arises. How to solve the issue , we either wait for mobile technology to reach the standards or FDS comes up with a console edition for PS3 ,Xbox and steam os, though I realise the standard is high for console and would require so much more research and development and out sourcing of sub departments and yes investment . But here’s the bottom line finally someone would make a flight simulator that revolutionises the console market and would be a pioneer in that catagory as VR headsets and motion sensors are now being incorporated into consoles . Imagine the possibilities .

These are only a few examples of what the two other competing mobile flight Sims already have, and they run smoother on my Note 3 than IF does, so I don’t think it’s something that is 5 years down the road.

I Run IF on my iPhone 4S so things are more difficult for me than others, despite this, infinite flight is only using more RAM as time passes. Before the A320 update all my graphics options were set to high and I could run Guvera in the background without having issues with FPS or lag. Now that this latest update is coming out I’m making sure I’m being careful with playing music in the background so as not to stall (pardon the pun) IF and cause it to crash (another one).

True Thomas , but see aerofly has only one small region , flight dynamics are weak , no multiplayer and terrible navigation .
Xplane has even smaller regions , terrible gameplay and the multiplayer mode is a joke .
Rortos has failures but looks like a toy , the regions are terrible and no multiplayer .

Now when I spoke about 5 years it was because we need to consider FDS has a small team as compared to laminar research and aerofly , yet it offers a world where people can interact efficiently , now I don’t see any other game doing that on mobile . All I’m doing is pointing out pros and cons and estimating service delivery time . Most of our demands like terminals , buildings , cities etc require a environment remodel and has to be consistent on each region . Now if you take the size of FDS personnel into account that’s over a year of work , just for that , reworking all the airplanes with working animated cockpits is another year of work , not to mention making the game stable and reworking the game engine will take a lot of time . The bigger issue here even if all this is possible is the space on the phone or tab and performance of devices cpu and gpu . Taking all this into account I just painted a rough picture .
It would be nice if phillipe and Matt would comment on this post and paint an even clearer picture for us

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The developers are very young. I don’t know how old, but by Matt he looks around my age of 25. Never seen Philippe, so I don’t know.

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For now, the developers are safe. I mean there is 2-3 I think, plus the airport editing team. Factors everywhere!

True but if u take into account how much people charge for 3D animation and design in the USA , that would definitely curb the progress of FDS than enhance it at this point . Then again only FDS understand where they stand financially to make such changes . Then again we can only hope right and be patient . FDS has changed so much in 3 yrs and I can see the devs really pushing harder now . Got to give them credit for that .
I am a sound designer by profession and I can tell you the sounds in this game have improved tremendously , given the limitations and how difficult and expensive it is to make a cluster of sounds work in the right way for this game from just 2d sounds to make it appear 3D .

Progress will happen overtime. I guarantee, we may not get updates quicker than ever, because the Developers have family, and they want time between them. That said, we have more interesting things up ahead that have been announced.

Bottom line we have to be more patient , Rome wasn’t build in a day, all we can do is be a helpful community and provide good feedback all within understanding the limitations that exist today . Who knows next year is a whole new deal .

I’m pretty sure that the Antonov 225 wasn’t built in 6 hours, patience is key. Remember this and you’re one step closer to succeeding in life.

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Here comes my question, features vs introducing new aircrafts what according to you should be a bigger priority ?