Possibilities of a Charleston, WV [KCRW] Fly-Out

Hello! I am a native of Charleston, WV and the main airport here is Charleston Yeager Airport [KCRW] They host a bunch of CRJ and ERJ traffic with a few A320’s (and other aircraft from that family) from Spirit Airlines. I was just curious of if here in the next couple months or so if anyone would like to do a fly-out event?

Not that I know of, unfortunately. If you would like to create your own event in #live:events, you must be Trust Level 2 (member), which you are currently Trust Level 1 (basic user). Keep liking, posting, and reading and surely you will be able to do it soon! :)

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I understand that I can’t make one. I just didn’t know if there were any other people who like regional flying or are from the area that would like to do something like that.

Once you make it to TL2 your best bet is to look at other topics in #live:events for some good examples of formatting, layout and the events guideline then post an event. If you have some fiends in the community maybe they could help co-host with you. Good luck and welcome :)