Possessive Noun Error in General Tab in Settings

In settings the are a couple missing apostrophes in the “General” tab.

The settings reads, “Invert External Cameras Vertical Motion”
The other one, "Invert Internal Cameras Vertical Motion

For both “Cameras” there needs an apostrophe in between the “a” and the “s” so it reads ‘Camera’s’. It’s the camera’s verticals motion. There aren’t multiple cameras vertical motion, because that makes no sense.

iPad Pro 128 GB
IOS 9.2

How to Reproduce

  1. Open Infinite Flight
  2. Click the gear in the top left corner
  3. The gear should lead you to the general tab in settings.
  4. The error is near the bottom

Wanted to post something interesting tonight Carson?

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I’ve been posting these all day:)

Edited title

Spelling mistake ;)


Well that’s ironic isn’t it;)


Grammar lessons with Carson


Lol! Couldn’t have picked a better time yourself huh Carson?!

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That’s not a big issue I guess…

Yes it is Carson

Don’t worry I’ll always proofread it for you

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Anyways, back to the topic.
This is a serious issue and needs to be addressed immediately!


For your next post. In the description of the “Invert internal camera’s motion” shouldn’t the camera of “Inverts the motion of internal camera(Tower, Onboard, Cockpit)” be plural?

Very interesting discussion you bring up there.
The answer is no , I believe it would remain singular because it is trying to say ‘tower or onboard or cockpit’, not
'tower and etc…
Since tower, onboard and cockpit are all singular, the generalization will remain singular aswell:)

Apart from the fact that there is no gear in the top right corner it’s a valid bug report ;)

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Fixed that…😁 All of my bugs reports are valid!

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Well then shouldn’t the upper one be wrong. Obviously they don’t give examples for external cameras but the logic is the same.

Note: I’m not trying to find mistakes, I just want to learn :)

Hypothetical changelog for the next update:

  • Buildings
  • All the planes free
  • Possessive noun bugs fixed

Well said carson, well said.

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Now I’ve seen it all. :)

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FDS isn’t getting off easy this time!