Position Open - Chief Financial Officer - Furyan Air

Furyan Air (website) is a different VA than most. Run by myself (37y.o), we are primarily an adult (18+) VA. I have created this VA as a real business would approach it. Flight numbers, flight plans, charts, time of departure, time of arrivals, Standard Operating Procedures etc. We run project management through slack and Teamwork and have our own Intranet with Bit24. The next step is registering the business name with the Australian Tax Office and receive an ABN (Australian Business Number), trademarking our name as well as taxable items such as iTunes gift cards to certain pilot promotions, website costs etc. That’s where the CFO position comes in to play. This is a no nonsense position, working with real money, so no tyre kickers please. If you want to know more, please contact me.
Thank you for your time and safe landings.
Eric Jordy
Director, Founder, CEO



Wait real money?! I am in, Buut not 18+

The CFO will be directly linked to the money spent within the company, making sure we have proper receipts and documentation for any and all spendings for tax purposes. Creating a budget and making sure it’s adhered to. So yes, real money. The money of the investors. Myself and Charles.

I want to join but am under 13

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Anyone could just enter a fake age, are you sure about this?

I am 21133 years old

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So, yes I am sure of this

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Positive :)

In situations such as this, where actual currency is involved, photo ID will be required. As far as under age pilots go, we have room for under 18’s - albeit a smaller group - so if someone wants to try and slip in as an over 18 then there’s really no harm done. But we are all old and wise enough to recognise the difference between interacting with a 12 year old and a 20 year old. Sooner or later, you will be caught out ;)

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Hank, we do need people in the Accounts Department as well, so if you are still interested, drop me a line at jordy@furyanair.com

We’d love to give you some experience and if you do well, show initiative and maturity, then who knows where it may lead.
Having said that, we do joke around a bit, so its not always so serious ;)

I don’t get it. Why do you need to use real money?

I pay for my own domain. Furyanair.com looks a lot better than furyanair.wixwebsite.blah blah blah.

And secondly, what is stopping anyone from turning their backs on VA’s all together saying “I can fly whatever aircraft in whatever region I want, without restrictions”

My VA is offering something you can not receive by ordinarily playing the game. We offer rewards as incentives to pilots for chosing Furyan Air and being active. It’s not gonna make you rich, but it’s something.

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