Position in the cockpit

Hey everyone i have recently watched a video by Captain Joe explaining the two white and one red spheres in the cockpit. https://youtu.be/Rsn7j9ItoA4
These balls indicate if you’re in the correct position in the cockpit ( if the white ball is covered by the red)
In my flight i got bored amd noticed this

I am not complaining about the camera view but should we be placed differently?

What do you mean by “correct position in the cockpit”?!?

I always wondered what those were for though!!

How high and forward your seat in the cokpit should be adjusted to

The screens in IF don’t have a function yet. These “balls” are there to have the best/optimum sight of the screens/cockpit/instruments and the outside. So it is not necessary. At least not yet.

True true but still kinda bugs me in a way

It wouldn’t have bugged you if you didn’t watch the video… just sayin’.