POSEPONED unless more people come Infinite Flight Airshow @ KNUC - 010600ZDEC18

Oh ok then I might change the date to some later day

Is it good or did I mess something up?? If I did I’m sorry.

Discord is winning currently!!

Would you be interested in joining the airshow?

Meaning spectating right?
And I’m a bit confused about the date.
Is it December 1st or 17th?

December first and it is free to sign up to fly

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I think I can but I’m not sure.

I’d like to apply the Global Air Forces Viper Demo Team for a 18 minute performance. Only requiring 2 gates, for myself and my support team member.
We would like to have a specific time slot if able.
Thank you -GAF Demo Team CMMDR: Maj Warwolf

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You can have a time slot what time would you want? Also do you have a preference of what spots to park at?

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Your choice of parking, but I would like to have 0600 zulu slot. And a discord invite link would be awesome! - CMDR Warwolf

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Also be advised! We will take 3 gates, a heritage flight will also be performed-
-CMDR Warwolf

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Would love to attend, but it is at 1:00 AM where I am.


If a lot of people don’t show up it might have to be poseponed so don’t worry

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Looking forward

Should the Viper Demo Team depart Shaw AFB and prepare for tomorrow? Or do we have to reschedule.

I’ll try to get more people to go if I get one YouTuber to go then everything would be solved. You can just come over to practice if you want.

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