POSEPONED unless more people come Infinite Flight Airshow @ KNUC - 010600ZDEC18

Violations do not get removed so I would suggest holding it on Casual.

Ok if it is on casual there will be a zello for atc

i don’t know how many people are going to want to download another app just for one event

Its not required but it would be an option if people want to communicate

What about Single device users ??

Hello! Please format your event correctly - make sure to have a specific date and time for your event, so people can make sure they can make it! More on how to format your post can be found in the post I’ve linked below.


Jake :)

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I’m pretty sure you can use zello when using infinite flight but it’s not required

Can you communicate on discord instead fo Zello.
I think most people have Discord.

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I made a poll to see what people prefer

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Please change the title as asked above or the event will be taken down 🙂


Where is the poll?

The times might depend as the 2018 IFVARB Summit will be taking place on the same day.

Ok I will change t

At the bottom of the post is it now showing up??

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What is that??

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Oh ok then I might change the date to some later day

Is it good or did I mess something up?? If I did I’m sorry.

Discord is winning currently!!

Would you be interested in joining the airshow?