Portuguese Charter Carrier to Acquire old SIA A380´s.

The Portuguese carrier Hi Fly is a charter carrier that generally operates flights to other airlines on wet leases basis. The planes they are getting are not new and they will be the old SIA´s A380.
More information in the article below:

TBH i am very happy this is happening because it would be a shame if this aircraft were to be scrapped.



This is very nice to know. The A380s have been given a second chance in a new home. Hope the A380s are beneficial for HiFly


HiFly might take ex SIA A380-800s. But some people speculates that HiFly might take MAB A380-800s instead, noting lower maintenence cost as MAB’s oldest A380 is just about 5 years old.

From the lastest speculation, the plane will be fitted with 560 seats in 2-class configuration. It’s highly likely that HiFly will retain the interior. But if they take SIA frames, the plane wouldn’t be fitted with Suites due to this reason

Suites portion are proprietary and property of SQ and not the lessor, and SQ will not be selling them on.” - Airliners.net

The main problem is, taking A380 is a risky decision, especially if you take SIA frames which are more vulnerable to problems and needs more frequent maintenence check. A380’s maintenence is more expensive than other aircrafts such as A330 and A340, one of the reason is because A380’s population is much less than both aircraft types

Can HiFly take the risks and able to maintain the A380? As it would be very risky to lease A380s as few airlines are interested to lease them.


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