Portugal To England

These screenshots were taken on a Flight from Lisbon(LPPT) to London(EGLL) Note: This Flight happened in June.

The Flight happened on the Expert Server. The time was around 6:00 AM(In Portugal) during Takeoff, and around 8:00 AM(In England) during Arrival Note: The screenshots were taken in the replay mode so the time is set at noon.

Parked at LPPT

Takeoff Runway 35 at LPPT

Cruising at FL350 and Experiencing Turbulence

Arriving at EGLL

Landing Runway 27L at EGLL

Parked at EGLL


I love the angles and the photos!

However, these photos have player name tags within them, this causes them to violate the rules of #screenshots-and-videos category.

I suggest going into replays and using the ingame screenshot button which will automatically remove the player name tags, or I would go into the app setting and uncheck the name tag box.

For the player name box in the app settings, go to Settings>Live>Player Name and click the box, this will then remove the names.

I will leave you with the rules of the #screenshots-and-videos category.

Keep it up with the good photos!

Sorry about that