Portugal in IF

I was making a quick flight in this morning and it was fog in Portugal, 0,50 km visibility.
I simply love doing low visibility operations and after that view from above, I love even more!
And they are about to rework the clouds… Infinite Flight is going better and better, no cap!!!

Mode: Live
Server: Training Server
Callsign: Air Portugal 744
Aircraft: Airbus 340-600
Livery: Generic
Route: Lisbon Humberto Delgado - Porto Francisco Sá Carneiro
Time elapsed: 0h49


The wing looks so loooooooong when you zoom out 😂

Great pics, the fog is absolutely great!

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Hey there @flybarroso!
This looks like a really cool flight but unfortunately your pictures contain HUD. As per the #screenshots-and-videos rules which you can find here. You are not allowed to have HUD showing.

Other than this the topic is alright. You can go into replay mode and retake the photos.
I do like the fog though.

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🙆🏾‍♂️ I will correct it!!! Thanks a lot!!!

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No problem.

The phone helps a lot to make it look like that! Lol

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No problem! Very nice photos!

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