Portsmouth International Airport Terminal Mini Tour

Ever heard of PSM? No?

Portsmouth, NH has its own airport, and is the only actual International airport in New Hampshire. Manchester, NH does have US Customs, but is located in Signature FBO, which is why it’s a regional airport.

Portsmouth has a small Terminal, which houses U.S Customs, which marks it International, despite not having Regular International Service (Not counting Atlas Air and other charters).

I hope you enjoy the video. PSM is one of those rare airports with a lot of potential to grow.

Side Note: I made this little video as I was waiting to start my Background check for me to get a Customs seal on my Badge. Hoping to start soon!


Cool video, what do you use to edit?

I use iMovie. It’s just the basic movie editor on Apple Devices. It’s free on Mac and for iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.

I’ve been to Portsmouth before. It’s a very attractive little town, I believe Allegiant flies into there, right?

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Ah thanks. You edited on the Mac, right?

It does.

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Nice Video!
My dad was in the Air Force and stationed at Pease when he retired, I grew up in Portsmouth. We lived off base but I remember the FB-111s and KC-135s booming over our house.
I took lessons at Hampton Airfield years back and practiced a bit at Pease. I felt like I was landing on I-95, that runway is huge!
I had hoped Pease could have brought in more airlines, being so close to Boston and Manchester I don’t think there is enough market for it.
Thanks for sharing

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My bad. I misread the fact that this is on about a different Portsmouth and a different Manchester located outside of the UK. 🤦

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It’s funny how people associate Portsmouth and Manchester to England.

Yes, we have many Manchester’s and a couple of Portsmouth’s in the United States.

Geez Portsmouth is so small😂, it’s like RDU is a mega-giant airport compared to this.

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