PortSide: Top Leaders to Part Time Employees

Does anyone want to become a top leader for PortSide? We have been stated as “most reliable airline.” We provide the benifits of making your own schedule, and it really is an awesome airline to work for. We have pilot manager positions open: which means you would manage all of our well trained pilots. We also need more pilots. So please check out website and apply for a position. Thanks you.

Web link: http://portsideairva.wix.com/posa

How can pilots choosing where they want to go be an airline? Surely that’s a flying club? When I get on a plane it’s because I want to go to the destination shown on the timetable, not a random place the pilot fancied going? Or do you mean the pilot can choose from the schedule where they want to fly?

Yes it would be a great idea we need more staff

You pick
Your routes that we have like if you like doing a SoCal flight you could choose a SoCal flight we provide. Like KSAN to KLAX. Or if you like Seattle flights of can pick a flight like Portland-Seattle. Etc

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That sounds a good system! (Have similar system at Qantas, pick the aircraft by your rank and then you can pick a flight in one of the regions that we have a hub in. The higher your rank the bigger and larger range of aircraft you get to choose from!)

I casually looked at VA’s, and was turned off from yours based on this line, from the Join Us page of your site, under Requirements (incidentally, you are missing a letter from that word):

"Must be able to work unexpectedly! "

Might consider re-wording that if your airline offers flexible scheduling.

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You sir are very picky…

Whats the real reason???

Possibly true, clear messaging is critical in my day job, which carries over into down-time.

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