PortSide (Official Topic)

##- PortSide Airways Official Topic


Welcome to PortSide Airways! My name is Hunter Reynolds. Myself and my partner, Jonah @jonah.c , own this VA. Here at PortSide our vision is to serve our passengers with the best experience an airliner can provide.

- Airline Details

We do routes in all different parts of the world. The majority of our fleet is done in the western part of North America. PortSide is based out of Portland, OR (hence the name *PortSide.) We fly any plane in IF that provides the United Livery. We are signing a contract with Infinite Flight’s Region Service Provider. This company will manage our routes and show us where, what, and when to fly. They are basically PortSide’s Fleet Management. This contractor will always provide us with real-life schedules. Meaning, we will fly real-world routes, with the exact plan for that route, and at the exact time it takes off in real-world-aviation.

-Contractor’s profile link @hmkane

##- What We Expect As A Company

Here at PortSide we are looking for pilots who listen to ATC instructions, have a positive attitude, and who are willing to provide the best service possible for our passengers.

##- Final Information/Comments

In conclusion, I would like to say a thank you to everyone who is helping kick-off this airline. I believe, with the level of service we provide, combined with what you just read, you are now wanting to apply for a position. I hope everyone who reads this apply’'s, and I’m sure we will be seeing you soon, not as a viewer, but as an employee. Thank you for taking your time to review this article/topic. It is greatly appreciated. *** Please note: THIS IS NOT A DUPLICATE. THIS IS THE OFFICIAL TOPIC/ARTICLE FOR PORTSIDE AIRWAYS. ***

-Positions available:

-Pilot Manager (Full Time)
-Pilot Manager (Part Time)
-Pilot (Full time)
-Pilot (Part Time)

Website link: http://portsideaitva.wix.cpm/posa
-Requirements Document: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#search/jonah/15380a559341be01?projector=1
-PortSide Airways Application Document link:



Do you have a website?

Final information and comments are very informative


Please read edited version!!!

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Please read edited version!!!

We are working on getting one. Please come back and read edited article. I have to application here for you to become a pilot

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I filled it out already.

I have, on the edited version, a link to fill out the employment application. I accidentally posted the topic when it wasn’t done.

Oh cool. Thank you for your interest in us

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make sure to tag me (@hmkane) when you release your website and remind me to put it on Paradisair website, too.

Do you want me to make you a website please. I really would want to!

LMAO! Ryanair Pilots.


Our Callsigns:


If you guys are port side then why are you flying united airlines livery planes?

Guys we need more members!

Bc we are a sub-airline of United

Hey everyone! If you’re interested in being a pilot for us please check out our website/fill out the application! We need more pilots!!

I’m interested!

You might wanna change the link to:
Your current one has two mistakes: it says portsideai t .wix.c pm/posa

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Thank you sir

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