PortSide Air (Now hiring)

Those flights seem right. I will look into domestic flights in san fransisco

Also, can you give me a list on who is in pur va?

Hello pilots/controllers,

My name is Hunter Reynolds. Myself and a very talented pilot/co-manager @jonah.c run a VA called PortSide Airways. We have made other posts about this, but now we have the official document. We are hiring pilots, and pilot managers (full/part time.) We welcome you to fill out our application and are excited about hiring you. Please click the link below to fill out the application. We look forward to reviewing your application. Thank you, and have a great flight!

Sincerely, Hunter Reynolds
CEO, PortSide Airways

Hey, you have it so that anyone can edit it. To fiw that, go to preview and get the URL from the preview screen. Thanks!

Do you land like a Ryan Air pilot? :D

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Lol yes sir I do

Can u please fix it? I don’t understand lol

We at Skyliner Air are happy to welcome you to the VA community!

Does Portside Airways Have A Website?

Unfortunately no. But if you want to be a pilot fill out our application and we will (most likely) hire you.

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I will start making a weebly website adter the g slides

I am currently making one!

Port side also operates some flights for Paradisair.

Wait a second, so POSA started before Skyliner!