PortSide Air (Now hiring)

I have come out with a name (with the help of a fellow pilot.) it is called “PortSide Air.” It will be based out of Portland. We will be a sub-airline of United. Therefore we will fly United jets. I am hiring pilots now. Please let me know if your interested in company positions. Positions available: Chief Product Officer, Vise President and Pilots (10,000 XP Min.) Thanks

-Sincerely, Hunter Reynolds


I believe we are in an alliance I own United Airlines I know im with South Jet but I can sure help PortSide Air. I’m Alliance with plenty of people I forgot who im all with.

From United Airlines CEO

Awesome! What would u like to do to get started?

Dear @Hunter_Reynolds

Well I just got done with a website but it will be upgraded. Id say we can code share flight I have over 20+ pilots that are highly trained. So my pilots can fly for your airline and help you out. Also group flights are a pretty big thing in the airline industry. And who’s the United you were talking about?

Sincerely, CEO United Airlines

Like my planes would be a united livery

Oh so You own the airline I have???

Or do you use the livery not the airline?

What he is saying that he will use the livery, not the airline. :)

Oh okay what do you guys need help with in the airlines setting up flight plans for pilots or finding destinations?

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Yes, Captain. Basically you own me. Like how Delta owns Skywest Airlines. But Skywest it still a separate airline. But since Delta owns that airline they fly Delta liverys. I would start out doing flights to Seattle I believe and would then start doing the most common routes from Portland.

Alright Ill add that to the website and you can see the destinations on there too.

Thank you.

Yes no problem when would you like to fly and what would you like to fly.

We fly any United livery aircraft.

For routes we do from:

Portland-San Fransisco
Portland-San Diego
Portland-Los Angeles
Portland-New York City

Alright sounds good do you have a email I can update you with?

Looks like Qantas Virtual has some more competition. :)

I recommend you don’t share your personal information (e-mail) on the forum, just send the user a DM.

Okay ill email you with updates about United Airlines and have you picked the routes you wanted to fly yet?

Thank you sir

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No worries Buddy.