“Portrait Mode” option

If we had the ability to blur the background in our photos (as an option in the settings or a button) I think they would look so much better. Microsoft Flight Simulator has this option and it makes the photos look really good.

Great idea, but I’m outta votes.


Here you go… I guess? 🤣 Technically a portrait mode!


OP asked for the depth-of-field option. Not the portrait mode on mobile :). Nice idea tho, needs an alpha map.

No way lol 🤣

Fastest request added ever

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It does say they have been in the works for months, but it’s not the feature I’m looking for. I was thinking the ability to blur the background in photos with having to use photoshop

I’m sorry I don’t really understand what the new secret feature is all about.

Like are you supposed to use your phone like a joystick (side stick) which can be used for flying on computer???

It’s April fools day man ;)

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😳 I forgot today is April fools!

Oh great !!

I actually fell for that one 😂😂

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Me too lol.

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Wait… does this mean that we won’t be getting portrait mode? 🥲

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Nope it’s not coming

Aw dang! I guess I’ll just have to keep using the crop feature on PSE then 🫠

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