Porto(OPO/LPPR) Update

Hello IFC!

As some of you may know if you have flown to Porto in Infinite Flight you know that if you want to Taxi to Runway 17 from the Terminal that you must back taxi then turnaround at the end of the runway. However this makes it very difficult when you have a lot of traffic as planes taking off need more time to takeoff due to the back taxi. Porto has now fixed the problem by extending the taxiway to end of Runway 17 for smoother traffic.

This is what Porto looked like before the expansion.

As you can see the taxiway ends which means aircraft taking off or aircraft like the A333-900 can’t stop in time to make the taxi way so they must back taxi which takes up a lot more time and calls for bigger gaps in between takeoff and landing. Just being clear this is only an issue when taking from runway 17 and landing on runway 33.

This is what Porto expansion looks like.

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As you can see by this picture they have built the new Taxi way to runway 17!

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This airport update would be highly appreciated by all pilots who enjoy flying to LPPR and, of course, by all members of @TAPVirtual


Indeed it would. Would be such a huge help for all of us.


I have informed the editor if he could do the required upgrade.

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Thank you so much @Major-Tom