Portion of wing found at La Reunion


What do you all think?

Evidence points towards Malaysia Flt. 370 and I agree with it but anyone out on the IF Forums provide insight?

If you decide to put an insensitive comment or conspiracy theory below, you need to get a slap back into reality


So it crashed in the ocean or maybe it was a bomb that blew the flap off

I heard, with a lot of the probable area searched, it could be anywhere. AF 447 took even longer to find, so if this is truly it, it would be a miracle.

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Ocean currents/drift

I’m sure it’s a 777’s flaperon.

Post has been deleted no offence intended.

9M-MRD is the infinite flight Malaysia airlines 777-200.

You know…

The evidence does point towards MH370. If it is part of a 777 then theoretically ot has to be MH370!

But to be honest I never thought it would be found…Any of it. Something seemed fishy, and up until know I have believed there was somethin dodgy going on behind the scenes.

We’ll see ay’ :) ;)

P.s I hope it is, for the poor families of the victims :(


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I’ll be monitoring this…I am interested to see how the story develops! ;)

Never believe in the true story…

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I still think it may have been remotely highjacked tbh

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The true story has been run past officials, investigators, and many watchful eyes.

I have specifically said in the top topic that I am NOT tolerating those garbage conspiracy theories.

I apologize if this is rude but if you’re going to spread conspiracy theories here, please stop.

Possibly. I won’t count that as conspiracy since it is somewhat logical.

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Yeh it’ll probably be pilot suicide I think though if in being 100% honest


What do you think happend Trevor?

Pilot wanted to commit suicide and crashed the plane into the water after going invisible and running the plane dry to prevent oil/fuel slicks from appearing on the surface of the water.

Pls. don’t use my name outside of PMs or the lounge category.


Note Taken Witheld! Jk mate :)

I can’t believe that there aren’t any sort of systems in place to stop Pilot Suicide!

And why have a tracker that transmits a signal every xx minutes which can be shut down? Why not just have an extremely strong one that transmits continously?

Aliens got it. Them tore pff that piece and then took off with rest off it

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@Boeing707 Doesn’t want conspiracy theory’s!

And I doubt it…