Porter Virtual | Porter Escapes: St. John’s! @ CYHZ - 082000ZSEP18

We are an IFVARB certified VA.

Welcome to Porter Escapes.

“Welcome to Porter Virtual’s most exciting and frequent Infinite Flight live event series!

In these series of events, we aim to provide an awesome, realistic flying experience for all pilots. We want to show them Q400 operations and how they really work.

Discover the Canadian and Eastern U.S lands right here. Become a pro pilot with us. Make the skies home.
Welcome to Porter.”

General details.

Date: Saturday, 8th September, 2018

Time: 2000Z/UTC - this is the scheduled DEPARTURE time!

Server: Expert

Region: Newfoundland, Canada

Aircraft: Dash-8-Q400 (Porter livery)

Airports: CYHZ and CYYT

Event information.

Why are we hosting this event?

Porter Virtual has chosen to host this event, because it’s time to explore some of Newfoundland’s scenic routes and cities. This event will bring us all the way to St. John’s, a city of just over 100,000 people. St. John’s is also the capital of Newfoundland, and is 446 square kilometres in size. It is known for it natural beauty, which include cliffs, lakes and so on, so it’s a must visit in real life and Infinite Flight!

Where will we fly to/from?

We will be departing CYHZ from runway 32 and landing at runway 29 at CYYT. This flight is well known for the strong tail and head winds, so our pilots may be getting a special award if weather is perfect…500 anybody?

Flight plan (subject to change): CYHZ NOTOP 4532N/6150W 4700N/5835W 4713N/5630W 4717N/5403W LODGU 4732N/5252W 4732N/5248W 4733N/5244W ONDAP TESOX CYYT


As Porter Virtual aims to be highly realistic, we will try and follow all proper Q400 flying procedures from SIDS/STARS to speeds, etc. ALL AIRCRAFT MUST MAINTAIN 6NM SAFETY DISTANCE! For all Q400 info, visit our exclusive Training centre!

Sign up now!

CYHZ is a large airport with many gates available for everybody, however, the same does not apply for CYYT. There are only 8 terminal gates available at the destination airport, so make sure to sign up as soon as possible! Please do show up if you sign up. Also, remember to check the ZULU time above!

Gates Pilot
Gate 2A @Philippe_Gilbert
Gate 2B @2003iggy
Gate 2C @MisterButler
Gate 2D @VAnuj
Gate 2E
Gate 7 @Ryan2
Gate 8 @Snow_Cone
Gate 9 @Aquila

Join us!

Fancy Porter Virtual? Don’t hesitate and join us! There are some requirements that you may need in order to apply, but we’re sure you’ll have all of them. Click right here: Join us

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Heck yeah, let’s go! This Saturday, 2000Z!


I’ll sign up, looks like i might be able to join


image Update: More event details!

Time to clarify more things. First off, this event’s scheduled DEPARTURE TIME is 2000Z, Saturday 8th September. That does not mean 8 o’clock in the evening at your local time, we are following the zulu/UTC timezones! More flight details such as the takeoff runway, FPL and more will be available a couple of hours before the flight starts. Please spawn in earlier to ensure we’re all ready!

image image


Unfortunately @Philippe_Gilbert we can’t change the event server just for somebody. Maybe next time though!

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I’ll take Gate 9 please. Looking forward to this event.


I’ll take a gate please. I just réalisés i’m allowed on the expert server.


You’ve got gate 2A @Philippe_Gilbert! Hope to see you there soon.

Still 4 more gates left everybody!


Sign me up! It’s a very interesting airport to fly to!


What time is this at for me? Montreal, Canada


@Philippe_Gilbert I have no clue, you should search yourself. But, I’m going to assume it’s 4PM, as Montréal is UTC -4 (Malaysia is UTC +8, where I am, so there’s a 12 hour difference)

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Please try to find out since I do not know how to convert Zulu time.


2000Z is 4pm Montreal Time.


Gate 2B please, callsign gonna be IAV201CS. Thanks!


image Update: 4 more hours!

4 hours remain until our departure from Halifax, and its almost showtime. Before we head anywhere, let’s clear up a couple of things. We will be departing from runway 32 at CYHZ and landing at runway 29 at CYYT. The final flight plan will be available on the main thread above! Estimated flight time will be around an hour and 20 minutes. All participating group members will be added to an IFC group chat for easier communications. Ready to fly? Let’s go!

image image


Sign me up, this time I won’t screw up Zulu time…again lol


My three favorites that I took!

image image image


Holy cow that was such a sweet event. So. Many. People.



image Update: Thank you all!

We’d like to give a big thank you to everybody that attended this heck of an event! Thank you for making it so fun, this truly is one of those flights to remember. Fun fact: the background for this banner is a screenshot of the end of the event, by @VAnuj! He is the same pilot that won our VA photo competition.

image image


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