Porter Virtual | Porter Escapes: Moncton! @ CYOW - 280000ZJUL18

We are an IFVARB certified VA.

Welcome to Porter Escapes.

“Welcome to Porter Virtual’s most exciting and frequent Infinite Flight live event series!

In these series of events, we aim to provide an awesome, realistic flying experience for all pilots. We want to show them Q400 operations and how they really work.

Discover the Canadian and Eastern U.S lands right here. Become a pro pilot with us. Make the skies home.
Welcome to Porter.”

General details.

Date: Saturday, 28th July, 2018

Time: 0000Z/UTC - this is the scheduled DEPARTURE time!

Server: Expert

Region: Ontario and New Brunswick, Canada

Aircraft: Dash-8-Q400 (Porter livery)

Airports: CYOW and CYQM

Event information.

Why are we hosting this event?

Porter Virtual has chosen to host this event because we felt that we needed to give some of the smaller and lesser known airports on Infinite Flight some more recognition. This time, we will be heading to the city of Moncton, located in the state of New Brunswick in Canada. The airport has been superbly edited by the IF editing team, but not many people have flown there. That’s why we’re about to raise those numbers.

Where will we fly to/from?

We will most likely be departing CYOW from runway 25. A short 1 hour and 30 minute flight will then bring us to CYQM, Greater Moncton International. It’s a nice little airport.



As Porter Virtual aims to be highly realistic, we will try and follow all proper Q400 flying procedures from SIDS/STARS to speeds, etc. ALL AIRCRAFT MUST MAINTAIN 6NM SAFETY DISTANCE! For all Q400 info, visit our exclusive Training centre!

Sign up now!

Although CYOW is a larger airport with many gates, CYQM may not be able to hold as many planes. There are only 6 gates available at Moncton, so make sure to sign up fast! Please do come if you sign up, and make sure to spawn a few minutes early! Simply just comment below. Remember, this is for CYOW gates.

Gates Pilot
Gate 19 @MisterButler
Gate 21 @turtlebiscut
Gate 23 @Adam_Macaulay
Gate 25 @Michael_Czyz
Gate 27 @707Flight
Gate 29 @VAnuj

Join us!

Fancy Porter Virtual? Don’t hesitate and join us! There are some requirements that you may need in order to apply, but we’re sure you’ll have all of them. Click right here: Join us

image image


Sign me up.

There’s a small chance I may not make it due to travel, but if so I’ll let you know so someone else can have my spot. Hope to see you there :)


Hey this sounds good add me in please


I’ll definitely be taking one of those gates :)


image Update: 2 gates remain!

2 more gates remain for our trip to Moncton! If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up and get yourself a gate before it’s too late! We can’t wait to see you there!

image image

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I’ll take one of those gates!


@707Flight you’ve got gate 27! One more left…

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Count me in, my first Porter VA event :)


image Update: Event begins tomorrow!


Our trip to Moncton begins tomorrow at UTC 00:00! Just to keep everybody attending updated, everyone participating will be added to a group chat on the IFC later on. That is where we will confirm who goes where, our FPL, etc. Also, please spawn in a couple of minutes early to get ready for departure! Don’t come late!

image image

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I’ll login and if someone isn’t there by takeoff time, I’ll take up a spot if okay with you. If everyone joins I wish you all a great flight.


@Adam_Macaulay If that does happen, feel free to spawn in then! I’ll add you to our group chat too.

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@Adam_Macaulay my spot is all yours if I you would like it.


image Update: Event is over!

Our voyage to Greater Moncton has finally come to an end. Thank you to all that showed up, and we hope to see you again real soon! Who knows where the next event will bring us! Chicago, St. John’s or somewhere else?

image image

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