Porter Virtual | Porter Escapes: Halifax! @ CYOW - 092200ZFEB19


We are an IFVARB certified VA.

Welcome to Porter Escapes.

“Welcome to Porter Virtual’s most exciting and frequent Infinite Flight live event series!

In these series of events, we aim to provide an awesome, realistic flying experience for all pilots. We want to show them Q400 operations and how they really work.

Discover the Canadian and Eastern U.S lands right here. Become a pro pilot with us. Make the skies home.
Welcome to Porter.”

General details.

Date: Saturday, 9th February, 2019

Time: 2200Z/UTC - this is the scheduled DEPARTURE time!

Server: Expert

Region: Nova Scotia, Canada

Aircraft: Dash-8-Q400 (Porter livery)

Airports: CYOW and CYHZ

Event information.

Why are we hosting this event?

We’re hosting this event because…it’s our first anniversary! As Porter Virtual turns one year old, we’ve dediced to celebrate by hosting this year’s first Porter Escapes event to Halifax from Ottawa. In real life, this is a popular flight that connects two of our biggest hubs together, and we think that this flight will be very fitting for the occasion.

Where will we fly to/from?

We will be departing from CYOW on either of the two runways available to us. Depending on the tailwinds, this flight to Halifax should take about an hour and a half, with ground speeds possibly reaching 500 knots! It’s a great chance for our pilots to earn a special award too.



As Porter Virtual aims to be highly realistic, we will try and follow all proper Q400 flying procedures from SIDS/STARS to speeds, etc. ALL AIRCRAFT MUST MAINTAIN 6NM SAFETY DISTANCE! For all Q400 info, visit our exclusive Training Centre!

Sign up now!

This time, CYOW and CYHZ are both able to support a high number of pilots, meaning that there are many gates available. However, this is still a first come first served basis, so do make sure to sign up as soon as you can! If you do sign up, please also make sure to check the event details above and attend. Participants will be added to a group DM on the IFC when the event is about to begin. That is where all operations and important information will be shared. It’s Porter Virtual’s first anniversary, so this will definitely be a memorable and special event!

Gates Pilot
Gate 19 @Ryan2
Gate 21 @Aquila
Gate 23 @MisterButler
Gate 25 @Kestrel929
Gate 27 @William_Chin
Gate 28 @Aceorbit
Gate 29 @Snow_Cone
Gate 30 @Damian
Gate 26 @757fan
Gate 24

Join us!

Fancy Porter Virtual? Don’t hesitate and join us! There are some requirements that you may need in order to apply, but we’re sure you’ll have all of them. Click right here: Join us

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Porter Virtual | Our little hub!

Woah! Please do join us as Porter Virtual turns 1 year old :)


Hi i would like a gate! Happy 1st anniversary!


Could you insert date for 0100Z. I’m really bad at calculating that. Or can you tell me what time it is GMT?



This should show up in your time.

For future reference, during winter time, 01:00Z=01:00 GMT.


I’ll take gate 23 please


Yeap, I gotcha guys down for the gates!


image Update: Time change!

Hello all! Just to inform everybody who’s coming, our event will be rescheduled to 2200Z, 2nd February. This change will ensure that more of Porter Virtual’s members can attend! Of course, we do apologise for any inconveniences caused.

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I am in. Gate 19


Not in Porter virtual but will probably fly to Halifax from Newark to meet up with you guys before returning! (I work for UVA.)


Chief Pilot will take the dreaded Gate 21.


Hi, please remove my name, it clashes with another event


@Rishon_R no problem ;)


image Update: Postponed to next week!

Hey everybody! Due to the lack of attendees and inconvenient time, we have decided to postpone this event to the same time NEXT WEEK. That means there’s more time to sign up!

image image


Works out great for me lol, I was gonna miss it because I needed to go to a UVA event!


Would you like a gate then? We’d love to see you come haha!


Not in Porter but was gonna unofficially join by flying there and meeting you guys in Halifax around the same time you landed.
If I can join though it would be great!


I’ll take a gate! ;) Ready to make those Q400s roar!


Does anybody else want to come? Lots of gates still available, and I think this would be pretty fun…


image Update: Halifax fun facts!

There’s still a couple days left until the start of the event, and why not share some interesting facts about the city we’re about to visit? Did you know, Halifax is closer to Dublin, Ireland than it is to Victoria, British Columbia. Halifax also boasts the second largest ice free natural harbour in the world after Sydney, Australia.

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