Porter Virtual | Porter Escapes: Chicago! @ CYTZ - 300100ZDEC18

We are an IFVARB certified VA.


Welcome to Porter Escapes.

“Welcome to Porter Virtual’s most exciting and frequent Infinite Flight live event series!

In these series of events, we aim to provide an awesome, realistic flying experience for all pilots. We want to show them Q400 operations and how they really work.

Discover the Canadian and Eastern U.S lands right here. Become a pro pilot with us. Make the skies home.
Welcome to Porter.”

General details.

Date: Sunday, 30th December, 2018

Time: 0100Z/UTC - this is the scheduled DEPARTURE time!

Server: Expert

Region: Illinois, U.S.A

Aircraft: Dash-8-Q400 (Porter livery)

Airports: CYTZ and KMDW

Event information.

Why are we hosting this event?

Well…2018 is almost over, and what better way is there than to go out with a memorable Porter Escapes trip to Chicago? We’ve also haven’t done an event like this in a while, so we’re hosting one again. Fun fact: this event will be the third U.S destination in a row for us, after Boston and Burlington. Come down and join us and let’s make history! Show some love for our Porter colours too.

Where will we fly to/from?

We will be departing from CYTZ on either runway 08 or 26. A quick 1 hour and 30 minute hop will then bring us KMDW, where we will have many runways to choose from depending on the weather and traffic. And yes, it is indeed Chicago Midway, not KORD. In case you don’t know, CYTZ is in Toronto.

Flight plan (subject to change): CYTZ 4331N/7919W ANCOL 4311N/8015W 4307N/8039W 4303N/8105W QWERI 4130N/8536W PANGG MEGGZ 4131N/8654W IROCK HALIE 4134N/8731W 4137N/8731W KMDW


As Porter Virtual aims to be highly realistic, we will try and follow all proper Q400 flying procedures from SIDS/STARS to speeds, etc. ALL AIRCRAFT MUST MAINTAIN 6NM SAFETY DISTANCE! For all Q400 info, visit our exclusive Training Centre!

Sign up now!

As usual, whenever we host an event that departs from CYTZ, make sure to sign up as quickly as possible! This airport has a very limited number of gates (only 10 available), so it’s a first come first served basis. Remember our scheduled zulu departure time which can be seen above, and do come if you sign up! Participants will be added to a group DM on the IFC when the event is about to begin. That is where all operations and important information will be shared.

Gates Pilot
Gate 1 @Rishon_R
Gate 2 @Takeoff_Aviation
Gate 3 @Charlieab29
Gate 4 @MisterButler
Gate 5 @turtlebiscut
Gate 6
Gate 7 @Snow_Cone
Gate 8
Gate 9 @anon31652286
Gate 10 @William_Chin

Join us!

Fancy Porter Virtual? Don’t hesitate and join us! There are some requirements that you may need in order to apply, but we’re sure you’ll have all of them. Click right here: Join us

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Sign me up! Gate 3 Please.


I gotchu down! finally you’re coming to an event lol 😂

hope you enjoy


Haha yeah, thanks. See you there.


I’d like to come. I am assuming you don’t need to be a Porter Virtual member?


@anon31652286 of course you don’t have to be! we’d like to have you come down and join us on this trip!


image Update: 8 gates remaining!

You read that right. We still have 8 gates left at CYTZ , so sign up while you can before they’re taken! Trust us, you wouldn’t want to miss this event.

image image


I’m up for it, all ready to fly at mach 1 in the dash.


Yeah sure, I’ll be there
Just so I can remember what time it is 😉


Hi i would like a gate


Awesome! Sign me up! Gate 2 please


I gotcha down! Turn up is lookin good haha!

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Sign me up please. Thanks


image Update: 20 hours to event!

There’s less than 20 hours left until we depart for Chicago. If you like this event but haven’t signed up yet, don’t hesitate to do so now! Remember, all participants will be added to a group DM, where we’ll share important flight information. As usual, all members in Porter Virtual who complete this event will earn themselves a special little award!

image image


Abit last minute but I’m pretty sure I can make it 😎


image Update: Thank you all!

Thank you to all of the event participants for coming! You guys truly made this event a memorable one…hopefully 2019 will bring us the same! As usual, @turtlebiscut takes the photo credits.

image image


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