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We are an IFVARB certified VA.

Welcome to Porter Virtual.

“It’s been quite a while since we’ve gone, and now it’s time for a change. A big big change.

Our goal is to be a standout VA with a professional environment. To become the best Infinite Flight based Virtual Airline.

Discover the Canadian and Eastern U.S lands right here. Become a pro pilot with us. Make the skies home.
Welcome to Porter.”

Visit our website!

Our website is the main place to find all of the information that you need on us, as well as the place for our pilots to log flights, learn things, see their pilot roster and progress, choose their flights, etc. Make sure to check it out if you feel interested! Our staff team has spent a lot of effort on making sure this website is fully up to date. There may be missing features, but this is due to us constantly adding new things to the website!

Features worth checking out

Detailed flight schedules.

Our flight schedules page offers highly detailed flight information. Each and every single route will have its own pre made FPL ready for Infinite Flight, directly sourced from the real life flight itself. NOTAMs are also available, as well as procedures, cruise altitude, times, etc. This is where our pilots will pick a route to fly.

Unique pilot roster.

Our pilot roster is indeed one of the more unique ones found in a Virtual Airline. Featuring pilot badges and awards displayed right next to a pilot’s personal data. You’ll have to see for yourself to find out more.

Training Centre.

Porter Virtual aims to be highly realistic. To do so, we have to have accurate fleet information, flying procedures, data and so on. All this is available in our exclusive Training Centre area, crafted by the one and only @Aquila! Come here to learn more about Porter operations and how our Q400 works.

Special offers.

Our VA has plenty of special offers available for our pilots to make their experience here unique and fun. Offers such as the Friday Frenzy, Photo Pro are all examples of a way to get our pilots to indulge in more activities and enjoy Porter more.

About us.

Our VA.

Porter Virtual is an Infinite Flight VA based on Porter Airlines, a small Canadian regional airline operating in Eastern Canada and the Eastern U.S. We base our destinations and routes on what Porter uses in REAL LIFE as we aim for maximum realism.

Our mission.

Our mission here is simple. To be the virtual airline everybody looks up to and gets inspiration from. We want to offer our pilots the best, and only the best. We want to offer a caring community, a unique and enjoyable experience. An experience that no other VA can get you.

Our promise.

We promise an absolutely dedicated and professional environment here at Porter Virtual. We provide the one of the most realistic VA operations there could be, ranging from real world Dash-8-Q400 data, SOPs, cruise tables, airport diagrams. You name it, they’re all there.

All of us here will stick together through difficult times, and giving up will never be an option. We do not discriminate people because of their race, culture, religion, etc. Our community encourages diversity in our pilots, and our community creates bonds between our pilots.

Why us?

After all, it’s time to put your flying hours to use. In short, Porter Virtual guarantees a professional and realistic environment, an awesome, friendly community and offers that other VA pilots will never experience. Whether you want to just grab a flight and go, or be as realistic as possible, Porter will prove to be a good balance. With a fleet so small yet so familiar, every airman here will end up knowing how to fly the Dash by heart. Join Porter Virtual, be a pro pilot.

Join us!

Fancy Porter Virtual? Don’t hesitate and join us! There are some requirements that you may need in order to apply, but we’re sure you’ll have all of them. Click right here: Join us

Need help?

Don’t worry, that’s why we have a VA guide. It includes a bunch of FAQs, and information about how our day to day operations would work. This page is very helpful for new pilots, so please do come visit here: VA guide

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Here’s to a great 2019!

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image Update: Happy New Year!

Hello there 2019! Make sure to start your year off right by reading our brand new 6th edition of the Porter Virtual exclusive DASH. magazine, by clicking this link or by visiting our website. Also, can anybody guess where the location of the background of this banner is?

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Quebec City,Quebec, hotel Frontenac


image Update: Fly with us!

Have you ever tried flying our amazing Q400? If not, do give it a shot! The Q400 is the powerhouse of Porter Airlines, and without it, we will never be able to continue with our operations. Check our fleet page on our website for interesting facts on this special aircraft, as well as some exclusive performance data!

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image Update: New special offer!

Here’s a new feature from us! Every few days, a particular airport will be announced as the Airport Of The Day on our Discord. Flying to these airports will earn you either extra PDplus points, extra hours or maybe even something else. To our pilots: make sure to always be on the lookout for the AOTD!

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