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image WEBSITE:

image Who are we exactly?

We are an Infinite Flight Virtual Airline, based off the real Porter Airlines that operates regional scheduled passenger flights in and around Canada, however we are in no way affiliated with them. We are here to give our pilots a memorable experience here at this airline and hopefully to grow and become one of the greater VAs within the community. Since our fleet and route size are so small, we have put a lot of time and effort into everything around here to make sure we have a realistic environment as well. We’re perfect for anybody looking for a casual VA to fly for and log down some flights with. How is it realistic or what are the features you may ask? That’s for you to find out. Anyways, that’s our short bio. Find out more about us on our IF thread of on our website!

image Ranking structure

To implement some realism and fun into our already-casual-VA, here are our pilot ranks! We offer 6 ranks to climb through, each one requiring hours flown with Porter Virtual:

image TRAINEE - 0 hours minimum

image STUDENT PILOT - 20 hours minimum

image SECOND OFFICER - 50 hours minimum

image FIRST OFFICER - 100 hours minimum

image CAPTAIN - 200 hours minimum

image SENIOR CAPTAIN - 500 hours minimum


Our thread and website are now going under some HUGE HUGE maintenance! So many new features have arrived to make our pilots’ stay a lot less troublesome but at the same time something a lot more unique. We apologise for the inconvenience caused, but in the meantime, give us a rating from one to five on how likely you’ll join us once we’re done!

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DISCLAIMER: All pictures here that do not belong to Porter Virtual belong to their respective owners.


Has this been approved by the IFVARB?

If not, please contact an IFVARB Administrator to start a Virtual Airline or Organization, here is an admin you should bother @JoshFly8

Hope all goes well with your Virtual Airline/Organization, warm regards and best of luck, 305…


Yes, this is approved. I handled the process myself.

Welcome, Porter Virtual!


Well in that case good luck to Porter Virtual! Nice to see more VA’s join the “Leagues”


Do you have a website yet?

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Yeah, just put that on top of the thread, sorry for any confusion.

Yes we do, just finished editing the thread!

Good luck with your VA! Keep it secure, fun, and active! :)

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Are you going to fly in to KMLB?

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You can check for our destinations on our website! Currently, KMLB is Orlando in Florida, so yes we do.

Cool! What do i have to do to join?

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The link to joining us is at the top of the thread there. Alternatively, you can go to the Join us now! page on our website, and just fill up that form. Thanks!

And my base would be KMLB with KDEN if that is okay… I just filled it out

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Congratulations Mr Butler and good luck for having all the fun and enjoyment in your VA. Looking forward to seeing you grow up and more.

I never knew there was an airline named Porter!


Thanks guys for the awesome compliments! We’ve got 6 pilots and growing now!


Do porter have 6 hubs in real life? But I do love the dash and looks like an exciting VA

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Haha no, Porter only had Toronto as it’s hub, but we wanna spice it up a little ya know


We’re open once again,


Wish you the best of luck don’t let anyone set you back and always keep active and improving well wishes DLVA 4343 ironman over and out


I’d quite like to join this love the dash 8!