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Porter Virtual - 100% Canadian Kindness.

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Porter Virtual was founded with one key idea in mind. Something different. We aimed to please people who love flying short-haul aircraft while mixing in some of the quirkiness that comes with an airline this small. Established in early 2024, we were built by the community, for the community. From anything between short 35-minute hops, and five-hour jaunts across the Canadian expanse, down into the United States, we’ve got something for everyone.

Our dedicated staff members are on hand 24/7 to help you whenever you need it.

Board Members
Role Staff Member
Chief Executive Officer @Connor
Chief Operations Officer Vacant
Chief Human Resources Officer Vacant
Management Team
Role Staff Member
Public Relations Manager Vacant
Event Manager Vacant
Flight Manager Vacant

Do you want to work with us? Use this link to apply today!

We don’t have the biggest fleet in the world, but we do have some of the best short/medium haul aircraft in the world! Check out how we use these aircraft below!

Bombardier Dash-8 Q400

Holding the distinction of being the only aircraft permitted to fly in and out of Billy Bishop Airport, we’re proud to have this aircraft in our fleet. Having this aircraft in our fleet means that we can fly into smaller regional airports, keeping Canadian’s connected.

Operational Information:
Service Ceiling: 25,000ft
Max Passengers: 78pax
Max Range: 1,361nm

Embraer E190

With this latest addition to the team, we’re soaring to new destinations across the North Americas. Having this aircraft in our fleet means that we can bring new customers to even newer destinations in the United States and Canada.

Operational Information:
Service Ceiling: 41,000ft
Max Passengers: 100pax
Max Range: 2,400nm

Our route network includes some of the most famous cities in Canada and the United States. We pride ourselves on using real route information from several sources to ensure we’re following closly along with Porter! Feel free to check out our Hubs & Destinations for more information!

Because we only have 2 aircraft, and 99% of our routes are under 5 hours, we had to get really creative when it came time to decide how our rank structure would work. So, below is our ingenious rank structure, not based on aircraft, but based on how long you can fly for. Check it out!

Cadet | 0 - 20 Hours Required

Aircraft Unlocked: Bombardier Dash-8 Q400
Routes Up-To: 1.5 Hours

First Officer | 20 - 45 Hours Required

Aircraft Unlocked: Bombardier Dash-8 Q400
Routes Up-To: 3 Hours

Junior Captain | 45 - 70 Hours Required

Aircraft Unlocked: Embraer E190
Routes Up-To: 4.5 Hours

Senior Captain | 70+ Hours

Aircraft Unlocked: All Aircraft
Routes Up-To: All Routes

So, read all of this and want to join? We’re always hiring for pilots! Pilots must meet some requirements and pass a written test before being accepted, but after all that, you can get started quickly and get flying with us!

Application Requirements:

Grade Three (3) or above
Must not be IFVARB Watchlisted or Blacklisted.
​​Thirteen (13) years or older
Minimum of two (2) flights per month (30 days)
Must have a valid copy of Infinite Flight & Pro Subscription
Be in good standing on the IFC
​Have access to Discord

So what are you waiting for? Stop reading, and click me to get started today!

Porter Virtual is an IFVARB Approved Virtual Airline for Infinite Flight. We are in no way associated, supported, or endorsed with the real Porter Airlines. Click here to go to Porter’s Website.
All trademarks, logos, and images belong to their respective owner. All rights reserved.
© Porter Virtual 2024

Wow 😍😍
This is beyond exciting!!!

From myself and everyone at @SouthwestVirtual , congratulations on the approval and we wish you the utmost success with operations


Looks nice!


Congrats on approval!


Incredible thread and congrats on IVARB approval @PorterVirtual! My favorite Canadian airline!


Lovely Thread


Nice. 🤩 Short Haul flights and the Q400. What Could be Better!👍


We’re all incredibly excited to have you all onboard some day! Look forward to seeing you in the skies!

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Nice thread! Congratulations on the approval!


Great looking thread, congrats on the approval!


Awesome thread. Congratulations on the approval!

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We’re still hiring for both staff and pilots!

We’re always on the lookout for new pilots and staff to join our growing team, we’re launching new activities for pilots within the coming days as we begin to build up our operations, and we’re excited to see where we’re going. So come join us, as we take this adventure together!

Website | Application Form

Idk how I missed this but I am actually so happy rn!!!


Wow this is awesome! www.flyporter.com


Super excited to join on your inaugural flight and be your guys first codeshare!


Porter Virtual welcomes Southwest Virtual as a codeshare partner.

Porter Virtual is ecstatic to announce that we’ve partnered with @SouthwestVirtual! Pilot’s from PDVA are now welcome to enjoy several new routes, alongside flying the Boeing 737-700/-800! We’re excited to see where this new partnership takes us.


Did you know we’re hosting an event? Well we are! We’re flying in and out of our biggest hub, Toronto Pearson Intl. Airport! Below is a link to the event, check it out, we’d love to see you there!

Website | Pilot Application

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Very nice thread!

TheBest | CEO VistaJet Virtual

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Porter Virtual is pleased to announce our official partnership with @SunCountryVirtual!

This partnership will allow PDVA Pilots to explore a mix of Short and Medium Haul routes thoughout the continetnal United States, it also allows our pilots to fly the Boeing 737-8! We’re super exicted to bring this new and unique partnership to the VA Community!

See y’all in the skies!

Porter Virtual Team