Porter E195-E2

Porter E195-E2

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About Porter

Porter Airlines is an airline based in Toronto Billy Bishop airport that connects a majority of eastern Canada together. It has a powerhouse fleet of 29 Q400s, but that is about to change with this new order of 30 E195-E2s with a possibility of 50 more in the future for a total of 80!

About the E195-E2

The Embraer E195-E2 is an upgraded E195 with increased wingspan, increased MTOW, better efficiency, and longer range. Currently, Azul, Binter Canarias, and KLM are its primary operators.

Why Should We Have This Aircraft?

Porter Airlines expanding their fleet with the E195-E2 is a huge deal. It’ll likely provide for more routes both in Canada and between the US and Canada, and more!

Porter intends to deploy the E195-E2s to popular business and leisure destinations throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean, from Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax and Toronto Pearson International Airport.




It would be best to wait for more airlines to order, and for aircraft to actually be delivered to customers. Delta doesn’t have a 787, yet we have the livery. There’s other examples as well. Plus adding an aircraft to only include one livery would sort of be a waste.


I’m not sure about what you think, but in my opinion, Porter, KLM, Belavia, Azul, and Binter Canarias are not one livery


And Helvetic

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Ok and how many of those airlines have received the aircraft? It’s pointless right now, many other aircraft make much more sense

Guys! be quiet! it’s just someone who is free to create a new aircraft feature! you never know what will happen to the future! What if you only get more votes over time! Yoaraeso that plane already has buyers! And it could already be added! Do not discuss this issue! If you want to vote, do it freely! and if not, just continue without making the person who created the topic feel bad



Definitely would be cool seeing this in the future of the E195 to see another Canadian beauty nitnthe sky. I’ll save my vote for this for a time when it becomes more important.


From Toronto to Ottawa, Porter’s inaugural flight on February 1st marked the first time a commercial E195-E2 has flown on the entire North American continent. But now that the E195 has been removed, don’t know how this will be added.


Aircraft not confirmed in development