Porter drone incident near Billy Bishop Airport

Another drone incident involving Porter’s Q400. The aircraft landed safely as the pilots took evasive action, however, two flight attendants were harmed. There definitely needs to be more regulation and penalties in regards to drones.

“As they approached the object, they realized it was very close to their flight path and decided to take appropriate evasive action,” Porter said in a statement released Monday afternoon. "

*Sigh * When will people learn?


There should be people hired by the airport carrying shotguns and shooting every drone they see.


I understand you 😕


Unfortunately, I feel that nothing will be done until a tragedy occurs. People aren’t taking this threat seriously.


Y’all need the thing described in the link



Honestly, what the government needs to do is have regulators force companies to install chips in their drones that would completely disable the drone, or make it move away from an incoming aircraft. Essentially the aircraft would have a beacon that would signal to the drone to GTFO. Thats one fail-safe solution I can see if people don’t listen to the restricted zones and altitudes.

Or companies could implement dead zones where drones can’t fly. Dead zones would be determined by the NTSB/FAA (which ever regulatory body it would fall under)


Or implement a law with the premise of 5 years of jail to those who approach an airport with drones.


TCAS for drones might be prohibitively expensive. DJI already has technology to keep their drones from going into restricted airspace.


Maybe a restricted aerodrome near airports would work better. Anything that flies within the vicinity gets disabled and falls near the perimeter of the airport. They should also have operators register their drones through a serial number, that way you can find who owns the drone and fine/prosecute them.

Agreed. Time and time again, nothing changes in aviation until a tragedy occurres. But in my eye,s it is definitely a disaster waiting to happen, and possibly the same with Lazer Pointers.

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Drones are becoming more and more dangerous. I think people have to attend drone flight school (Like actual flight school) to learn what they can and can’t do with a drone.

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How are you going to implement it? Sure, great idea, but people are still out of ideas on how to take the drones out. The premise of your ideas are sound, but enforcement is very difficult when you try and apply it. The best we can do is to cross our fingers and hope dronemakers will load software limits to prevent drones from flying into airports and other sensitive areas.

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While I’m not defending someone flying a quad at 9000 feet which is incredibly stupid, they don’t even know if that’s actually what it was or not.

This actually won’t do anything anyway. It is incredibly easy to load your own flight software onto the flight controllers.

This is already a rule set forth by the FAA, but obviously not everyone is going to follow it. Everyone is supposed to register their plane/helo/quad and have their registration number on the craft.

Let’s not blow this out of proportions, we’re not even sure it was a drone.

“After debriefing, there is potential that the object was a drone,” the statement says.

Potential doesn’t mean certainty, Lel

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