Porter Airlines Bombardier CS100

Porter Airlines CS100/A220 Request thread

Credit: Bombardier.com

Hello IFC! Today I am requesting the Porter Airlines Bombardier CS100. The reasons for this are that firstly, I think it is a beautiful livery which we already have on the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, however I think it looks even better on the A220/CS100!

Of course, the a220 is not yet in IF, however can be voted for Here

In April 2013, Porter Airlines announced a conditional purchase agreement for up to thirty Bombardier CS100 (Airbus A220-100) aircraft. Source: Wikipedia

Whilst these have not been delivered, nor officially ordered, it would be amazing to fly this livery out of Toronto City (CYTZ)

Currently, porter have ambitions to fly as far as Vancouver, and the Caribbean from Toronto City should they extend the runway.

Some Info about Porter Airlines:
Porter Airlines is a regional airline headquartered at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport on the Toronto Islands in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.Owned by Porter Aviation Holdings, formerly known as REGCO Holdings Inc., Porter operates regularly scheduled flights between Toronto and locations in Canada and the United States using Canadian-built Bombardier Q400 turboprop aircraft.

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If you like it, be sure to vote ;)

I might have to clear a vote for this one!
I never knew Porter ordered CS-series aircrafts. I personally think it would be a good addition to their fleet.
They always fly into my airport with their Dash 8’s aswell lol


Please do clear a vote, would be lovely to see this!

I’m a fan of the YTZ-EWR route myself! Who knows, maybe one day we will be able to fly it in the a220 ;)

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It gets hard when trying to clear a vote but I def voted now haha

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Thank you! Much appreciated :)

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Not being biased or anything, but man these look good 😩😩💦

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They do indeed. Lovely sleek design!

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Wow thats a pretty livery! Never knew that Porter ordered the CS100 never say A220-100 lol

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Yes,I can’t wait to see them along with the Dash! That a220-100 bit was from Wikipedia lol, it was just some background about porter’s fleet!

Nice livery, looking forward to see the Airbus A220 in IF soon


Thank you! I am also very excited for it to come! It is a beautiful aircraft

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One question, where can you see their orders for this aircraft?

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Here you go!

And here is an article about the porter order specifically:

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G Porter Airlines specified that the two conditions that would have led to a firm contract would have been the approval by the Government of Canada, the city of Toronto and the Toronto Port Authority of an amendment to the Tripartite Agreement, that bans jet aircraft from operating into Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (Toronto Island) and a runway extension of 168 metres (551 ft) on each end of the runway. The Government of Canada refused to open the agreement.[96]

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Quite sad but we probably won’t see Porter confirming orders for 220

I would not say so just yet… porter have other bases with larger runways, for example Halifax, Ottawa etc…

This article states Porter still want the jets! https://business.financialpost.com/transportation/airlines/porter-airlines-still-clinging-to-hopes-of-flying-jets-from-billy-bishop-keeps-conditional-cseries-order-in-tact

Lets see, tbh I don’t think they will without Toronto unless they will operate it in to YYZ

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Good luck trying to operate a Porter A220 into Toronto City. The Dash 8’s are close enough 😂

It would be interesting to see this airline grow.


Well that’s an interesting request, nice livery indeed. I’ve been digging a little more and as of today, the A220-100 will not wear this livery any time soon unfortunately.

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Yes, that is why they requested the extension. But I agree, YTZ is a very fun airport to fly into!

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