Porter Airlines Announces E195-E2 & Hub Expansion

A New Aircraft

Some HUGE news this morning! Embraer has put forth an article detailing Porter’s newest aircraft: The E195-E2! The CEO says the aircraft is perfect as it has no middle seat, amazing comfort, and great range for a major route expansion! This is a real surprise after suspicion of a Porter A220, which is likely to be out of question based off of the liking for no middle seats.

The first of thirty aircraft on order is expected to enter service in mid-2022, and possibilities of an additional 50 orders for the E295 for a total of 80 new aircraft, essentially tripling the size of the current fleet of 29 Q400s.

Over 6000 job openings will be possible with routes “throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean” according to Michael Deluce, CEO of Porter Airlines.

Welcome to Toronto Pearson!

Mr. Deluce has said that the E195-E2’s operations will be based out of Ottowa, Montreal, Halifax, and Toronto Pearson Int’l, a huge surprise for the airline which is based out of Toronto Billy Bishop. It makes sense as the E195-E2 is a jet and cannot operate out of the Billy Bishop airport. The CEO has denied claims that the airline is relocating to Pearson Airport, so it is an expansion for the new member of the fleet.

I’ll be excited to keep you all posted on each new bit of information that comes out with regards to the fleet and hub expansion! I look forward to one day flying on Porter, maybe even on their inaugural E195-E2 flight!

All information came from Embraer’s report earlier today!


Really excited for this one. DFW’s marked as a potential future destination with the E2. Hoping they come here.


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