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What ports are used to communicate with the client. I need to set my firewall settings to enable comms and atc, and it requires LOW security on the firewall in order to work. Not cool.best answer is for IF to publish its ports


Care to elaborate?

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I am lost right now? Could you please clarify in simpler terms what you want to do?

Comcast security and firewall on home routers needs to be set to high security. In order to do that, i need to know the firewall port numbers.

This is a hard topic, not all of us know this kind of stuff,

@david can help you?

knowing this would be helpful

Strange, I too use the same network services. Never needed any specific ports before? Anyway…I’m looking into it. Will get back to you soon as I find out anything.


Your use Comcast?! No wonder!

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You ight log in to your router and check the firewall. If younare set to low security, you are fine. If one is set to medium or high (which is where it should be), then i have to forward the ports from yours to ones that are open

Mine is set to high, automatically connects every time. Waiting on some info for you.

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Try port 10100. That might work. Still checking.

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OK, here is what I can offer you.
Port 10101 (UDP) is used by all servers
Port 80 may work as well
Port 10100 is actually not being used at this time.


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Any luck on the ports that need to be open?

See the post right above yours.

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