Port Louis Flyout! @FIMP 312200ZJAN20

A350 Event Series!

YAY! We are having another one of these series of events basing off the A350! We’ll be making events regarding all the available liveries of the A350, and building our routes around it! They are usually based a few months ahead so we can get maximum attention!

Previous: Air Caraibes

Featured A350: Air Mauritius

Port Louis Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Airport

(Sounds like something you’d here on a meme)


FIMP airport information, location and details


Server: Expert

Airport: FIMP

Time: 2020-01-31T22:00:00Z

(This will automatically convert to your timezone)

NOTAMS: A ‘ATIS’ produced by me will be released in a PM or a Slack group (depending on the amount attending), so we all know where to taxi and what to be aware of. Respect ATC/Unicom and use in the correct manner.


Gates (5 Remaining)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
07A Dash 8 Generic (Air Mauritius) Rodrigues Island FIMR 1:30
08A Dash 8 Generic (Air Mauritius) Saint-Pierre FMEP 0:55
09A Dash 8 Generic (Air Mauritius) Saint-Denis FMEE 0:55
10 A319 Generic (Air Mauritius) Saint-Denis FMEE 0:30
11 777-200ER British Airways London Gatwick EGKK 11:30 @Ecoops123
12 A380-800 Emirates Dubai OMDB 6:00
13 A350-900 Air Mauritius Hong Kong VHHH 9:20 @QVG-Crunch
14 777-300ER Air France Paris LFPG 11:15 @DimitriB
15 A350-900 Air Mauritius Johannesburg FAOR 4:00
16 787-8 TUI London Gatwick EGKK 11:30 @Tsumia
No Gates A333/A346 South African Airways Johannesburg FAOR 4:00

Another wave may be created.

General Aviation (7 Remaining)

Great flights to FMEE!

Apron Aircraft Livery Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
41 C208 N186BC Rodrigues Island FIMR N/A @Sashaz55

See you there!

I am not responsible for any violations/ghosts you may receive.

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Please alert me of any flyouts that occur on the same day as any of my events. I try to maintain separation between them all! 🙃

Also btw the list of A350 airports I’m ploughing through:

• Dublin EIDW (Aer Lingus) - Assigning gates
• Pointe-a-Pitre TFFR (Air Caraibes) - Recruiting
• Paris CDG LFPG (Air France) - Planning Gates
• Port Louis FIMP (Air Mauritius) - Recruiting
• Seoul? RSKI (Asiana Airlines) - Planning Gates
• Hong Kong VHHH (Cathay Pacific) - Planning Gates
• Taipei RCTP (China Airlines) - Ready to begin building
• Detroit KDTW (Delta) - Ready to begin building
• Addis Ababa HAAB (Ethiopian) - awaiting
• Helsinki EFHK (Finnair) - awaiting
• Paris Orly LFPO (French Bee) - awaiting
• Madrid LEMD (Iberia) - awaiting
• Sao Paulo SBGR (LATAM) - awaiting
• Munich EDDM (Lufthansa) already event. - Will leave for now as there is already an EDDM event
• Kuala Lumpur WMKK (Malaysian Airlines) - awaiting
• Manila RPLL (Philippine Airlines) - awaiting
• Doha OTHH (Qatar Airways) - awaiting
• Singapore WSSS (Singapore Airlines) - awaiting
• Bangkok VTBS (Thai Airways) - awaiting
• Istanbul LTFM (Turkish) - TBD (I need info on A350 gates)
• Hanoi VVNB (Vietnam Airlines) - awaiting

can I have this gate please

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Sure! See you there! I’ll make a PM 1 week before the event 😄

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C208 to FIMR N186BC please and thanks!

Gate 14 please 😁 mate

Thanks for signing up @DimitriB and @Sashaz55! I’ll see you at the event!


Only a few days! Hopefully we can get some more attendees!

Lol I didn’t expect this to be big.

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I can add it if you want! (Gate 15)

There are a lot of flights here, and not a lot of gates it was difficult to produce.

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Please do so 😂

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Can i have number 15?


@Prince_Sabri you’re signed up for Gate 15 to FAOR!

@Tsumia I’ve assigned your gate as 16 to EGKK in the TUI 787-8.

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Thanks @Ecoops123
This will be my 1st flight in expert server…can’t wait😆

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Really? Wow! Well I’ll be glad to welcome you!

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Yepp…i need 2 more landings to be in Grade 3 so yeah😆 it will be done in no time😆

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My 2nd Exper Server flight will be with AFKLM😅 They are doing an event on 1st Febuary. Do you wanna come along?

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They’re in the schedule, I’ll be flying alongside them all day, just on my own routes :)

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Yepp…iam in their schedule😅

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@Ecoops123 hey…sorry to say this but i think i won’t be able to join your event tomorrow…got something else to do…sorry… :(

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