I was flying a 500agl and activated ap to continue my flight. Everytime I did it, my plane starts violently porpoising. Why? Can someone help me understand?

I’m in in the wrong category please help.

First off you need more specifics!

Flap Settings
Vertical Speed


Hence I believe this could be a pilot misunderstanding and not support for an app issue.

C130J, flaps zero, 50 percent weight. Full thrust and 0 vs

What was your speed?

It’s all covered here:

I’m assuming that you’re going very fast. The auto pilot will climb and drop, to keep the altitude set. I suggest you not fly that fast.

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IF physics are pretty smart. An aircraft shaking like that would mean a midair structural break up if it were to be in real life.

Reduce your speed, C130s don’t go that fast.

Ok, fair enough but I was flying in formation with other C130s and they were all doing it except for me.

I KNOW HOW to pilot the Hercules people.

Simply put, my other team members were using autopilot to hold 300agl at full throttle. When I used mine, the C130 begin porpoising like crazy. There’s did not. I was trying to figure out why, but now I’ll just chalk it TO an IF glitch. They were holding at LEAST 430 ias. The only variable is im android and they weren’t.

425kts indicated airspeed

Why were you going that fast?

There is no bug here at all. Fly at a reasonable speed within the aircraft real limits and there should be no problem. When you exceed these then there will be issues so avoid creating issues for yourself.


No glitch you were traveling too fast. Your buddy’s not experiencing it doesn’t mean that you weren’t piloting the aircraft incorrectly.